Under The Sun To Celebrate SG51 Article cover photo
31 October 2016

Under The Sun To Celebrate SG51

Keppel Club’s National Day Red and White Fiesta 2016

An early morning shower raised some concerns about the weather conditions later that afternoon, but the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly and strongly, paving the way for Keppel Club’s National Day celebration! The Tee Top golfers’ lounge was packed with eager participants for the club’s Red and White fiesta, and the event kicked off to a fitting start with Keppel Club President Lai Mun Onn leading the group of around 100 golfers with Singapore’s national pledge and anthem. It was a patriotic sight with everyone clad in red and white standing beneath the national flag fluttering in the wind. Many smiling faces were seen as they hurried down to the buggy station, phones and cameras in hand to capture every moment of this special day. After everyone hopped onto their assigned buggies, rapturous marching music blared from the speakers and bursts of confetti filled the air as the golfers raced to their starting holes. It was finally time to play some golf! Not only was it a special day for the nation, but also one for Keppel Club as it was the first time that buggies were allowed on the verdant fairways. It was a change that not everyone was used to, but it was positively received throughout the friendly competition and it made the golfing experience all the better.
The day cannot be complete without a sumptuous dinner to round things off. Gathered in Keppel Hall, the participants arrived in their fresh and stylish outfits and took their respective seats to watch the live broadcast of the National Day Parade before the feast began. There was fun and laughter as the night progressed, with quizzes providing entertainment to all guests and the boisterous cries of yam seng adding to the already festive atmosphere of the dinner. The overall winners of the event also received their well-deserved prizes after everyone was happy and fed, marking the end of a memorable and fantastic day, not just for Singapore, but for Keppel Club.