Honma Golf Looks To Support Locals Article cover photo
18 March 2016

Honma Golf Looks To Support Locals

Seeks to add Malaysian golf ambassadors to its current team

The world’s most expensive Golf Club manufacturer, Honma Golf is looking for Malaysian golfers to join its ranks as ambassadors. Masanao Hayashi, General Manager of Honma Golf Co Ltd’s International Sales Division told the press that the brand is interested in looking up local ambassadors.
“We need more exposure and we want to have local ambassadors. We’re more than happy to hear any prepositions,” he said during the launch of Beres 05 Series, Honma’s latest product offering. Also commenting on the brand’s plan for the future, Hayashi pointed out that the brand seeks to extend its presence to the United States and other European tours.
“Most of the tournament winning players who use our clubs are of Asian descent. We’re looking to have more exposure to US PGA and European tours. We seek to extend our presence to Caucasian players as well.” Majority of the brand’s sales are still domestic to Japan but the brand aims to change that in the coming years.
Malaysia currently contributes 1% to total Honma sales according to Hayashi. Honma’s Beres 05 series is targeted towards golfers who wish to bolster their skills with their clubs. The three Beres models (S/E/U) series have been updated with a complete redesign of its proprietary heads and shaft. The clubs would achieve the most optimal flight and stability performance specs ever seen in its line.