PRPG's New Super EGG range of equipment Article cover photo
31 July 2017

PRPG's New Super EGG range of equipment

​Super egg Driver

PRGR’s new generation high-repulsion driver, that boasts a high coefficient of repulsion (exceeding 0.85) and wide highrepulsion area on the clubface. The Super egg power flange structure is used on the crown to minimize deformation by concentrating flexing on the clubface for maximum rebound speed. The high-strength beta-titanium face has been trimmed to the limit, and with a smooth thickness deviation design, both high-repulsion performance and durability have been accomplished. As a result of reducing the body thickness to the limit, weight is concentrated at the back of the clubhead. This has created a centre of gravity that is low and deep within the clubhead for high low spinning drives.

The shaft of the driver features increased rigidity around the grip for a solid feel in spite of its lightweight properties. Nanoalloy technology is used around the tip to increase shock resistance and is matched with a grip developed especially for the new egg series of clubs.