HONMA BERES S-06 DRIVER Article cover photo
17 January 2018


The newest BERES Series lineup

Honma introduces the newest BERES Series lineup for Driver called Honma Beres S-06 Driver. The Ultimate premium golf club with "beautiful appearance" and finest craftsmanship that Honma's master craftsmen have ever designed.

Key Groove Area

The groove on the sole of the club provides increased forgiveness, improved launch angle and an expanded sweet spot on the heel and the toe.

New head design

The longer face, flatter sole, and crown contributes to improving the forgiveness of the driver.

The center of gravity is moved back and down to improve the performance on miss shots.

The new lie angle of the club will help to promote a draw bias trajectory.

The bigger face expands the effective spot area and provides confidence at address.

The new design of the driver provides an impression of forgiveness at the address that leads to smooth and easy swing.

Ti-811 Light Gravity Titanium / Ti5N Titanium

The adoption of the finest titanium materials for the body and face of the club provides maximum strength in a lightweight head for improved repulsion maintaining durability.

New ARMRQ X shaft designed to perfectly match S-06

By the use of Torayca carbon fibers specifically selected for this new shaft, Honma's engineers have been able to reduce the weight of the shaft by 1gr, maintaining the soft feel and consistency, and reducing the backspin. The adoption of the new X layer (10 axis cross fiber) is a key element for the performance of this new shaft generation.

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