Ecco S-Llite

25 Jun 2019

Danish golf footwear innovators, Ecco Golf, were responsible for the creation of the spikeless golf shoe as we know them today – rubber nibbed soles on soft leather uppers in a sneaker style. It was almost a decade ago that their Street Premier hit the streets and the golf course all in the same shoe with no one the wiser that golf made up part of the day. The shoe’s claim to fame back then was keeping Fred Couples comfortable and back-pain-free at the 2010 Masters, inadvertently validating spikeless shoes at the highest level of the game in the process.

Today, Ecco Golf unveil their latest design, the Red Dot Award winning Ecco S-Lite, a hybrid shoe which breaks boundaries as the lightest leather golf shoe ever made by the company.

Ecco Golf uses Yak leather which is extremely soft and durable; leather though, doesn’t fit into the lightweight recipe. So taking a fresh innovative approach to golf shoe design, Ecco S-Lite blended cutting-edge engineering and comfort to ensure an ultra-light on-course experience.

Designers got around the weight issue with stylish diamond-shaped embossing on the premium Yak upper, which provides natural water repellent properties with lightweight breathability, enhanced by the company’s Hydromax treatment, while a soft textile lining offers an extremely comfortable on-foot feel. Additional support is through a moulded leather heel counter and inside toe reinforcement to ensure stable footing throughout the swing.

The ground-breaking E-DTS Lite outsole offers more than 100 traction studs and 800 traction angles for excellent grip in all playing conditions and unrivalled flexibility. 66% thinner than any other T.PU outsole that the company has previously created, it’s the perfect packable playing option for overseas travel, or for an after-work twilight round on a hot summer’s day.

Ecco S-Lite is crafted with Fluidform Technology to bond the upper and outsole unit as a one-piece shoe without the use of glue or stitching. Benefits include flexibility, durability and a lightweight construction.