Practically Perfect Stainless Steel

25 Jun 2020
Ego by Abimis – professionally derived, designed for the home

Fiesole, an incredibly picturesque town just outside Florence, offers stunning views over the surrounding hills. Home to a gorgeous historic villa whose materials and architecture bring typical Tuscan traditions to mind, the multiple-floored villa is surrounded by small walls and other stone features that follow through into its interiors.

This charming residence, which once belonged to a famous Florentine painter, perfectly blends in with its natural surroundings that both welcome it and make it stand out, as do the sophisticated, modern style of its interiors, creating a pleasant contrast with the external structure. The various rooms have a refined and relaxed atmosphere, where everything is designed with maximum comfort in mind.

A glance into the kitchen illustrates how seriously the Italians take their food as well as design. Furnished by Abimis from their Ego range, this iconic kitchen has been designed complete with upper shelves that integrate the cooker hood and other functional elements.

The focus is on ergonomics, user-detailed and tailor-made to exact specifications. Developed from knowledge in professional catering, yet aimed for the home, it is designed to last forever, featuring fully integrated flushed doors and rounded corners for a completely smooth appearance. The characteristic bevelled flush doors are fitted with large handles with rounded corners in an elegant brass finish to ensure top ergonomic performance.

Tall storage units with reinforced, extractable shelves are perfect for those heavier ‘work’ utensils. Together with practical worktops that alternate between the cooking and washing areas, the concept is designed to be more operationally efficient and make the best use out of the entire space. Ego’s hallmark ability to provide bespoke creations ensured the kitchen could be adapted to the specific requirements of the room’s unusual trapezoid shape, for a  perfectly proportioned fit to its surroundings.

Made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel – long lasting, easy to clean, hygienic and 100% recyclable – it is a biologically neutral metal that does not give off odour or release any substances into food.

This kitchen has been transformed into a welcoming ‘haven’, providing the home chef an extraordinary cooking experience and at the same time confirming the importance of attention to detail that can be found throughout the house, meeting the need for comfort, practicality and aesthetics in the one area of the house that nourishes body and soul.

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