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28 February 2019

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Honma’s Tour World TW747 Series of Clubs Spearheads Global Expansion

The Honma name has long been legendary among golf enthusiasts, this premium Japanese brand has been seen in the hands of presidents, dignitaries, and celebrities. More than just fame by association, Honma is renowned for artisanal clubs that look, feel, and play good; clubs that are a near perfect fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and artistry.

Honma’s name transcends itself globally, the clubs on the other hand, hasn’t quite had that reach. That however, is about to change in 2019 with the introduction of Honma’s Tour World TW747 series of clubs. Most noticeably with the recent announcement of Englishman Justin Rose, the current world number 1, as their global brand ambassador. That he won the Farmers Insurance Open barely weeks after putting his clubs in play, means the golfing world can’t help but sit up, take notice, and be curious at the very least, to take a swing with a club out of Sakata.

Introduced since 2013, the Tour World line of clubs isn’t without pedigree, it’s a complete line of clubs that encompasses drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons geared towards the athlete player, already played by many Japanese professional golfers as well as in other parts of Asia. Most notably, by China’s Lian Wen Chong and LPGA stars Feng Shan-Shan and SoYeon Ryu.

TW747 Driver

The TW747 driver features two models, with the more compact TW747 455 featuring a 9g weight screw positioned as far as possible from the shaft’s core for maximum moment of inertia translating to higher ball speeds and a stronger penetrating trajectory. The more forgiving TW747 460 has two interchangeable weights on the sole for shot shaping, 2.5g on the front and 9g towards the back, delivering the ball on a higher trajectory with low spin. Both were developed with the promise of delivering real distance for both the better player and the improving player, along with the joy of handling superior clubs.

The core of the brand’s Real Distance Technology is Honma’s proprietary Precision Spine Alignment Technology, or P-SAT in short. Honma say this technology allows golfers to adjust the loft of the club to create their desired shot shape without rotating the spine of their proprietary high-quality shaft to improve both ball flight and distance. Micro adjustments are possible for the lie angle (max. +2º), loft angle (max. ±1º), and face angle (max. ±1.5º) without removing or rotating the shaft

Precision spine alignment involves the spine, the part of the shaft where carbon sheets applied in the manufacturing process overlap when rolled into shafts. Thicker than any other part, this affects the behavior of the shaft since performance isn’t uniform. That is why Honma pays meticulous attention to spine alignment, from the club’s design phase to the manufacturing of the shaft, to head attachment, improving uniformity throughout the club set and enhancing product integrity.

Claiming to be the world’s thinnest and lightest, the crown of the TWorld747 driver is crafted from an extremely light ET40 carbon with an internal ribbed grooving for reinforcement.

4 Fang Technology puts four protrusions behind the club face enhancing its rigidity, and therefore elasticity over a wider surface area, resulting in faster ball speeds and more distance.

Equipped with Honma’s own proprietary Vizard series of shafts in three options, the mid kick-point Vizard for TW747 is designed to fit most golfers, delivering a high launch without a compromise in torque and feel. The Vizard FD is a low kick-point shaft utilising an NI-Ti alloy for higher launch and spin. The high kick-point Vizard FP, developed with tour player feedback, brings the trajectory down and reduces pulls and hooks.

"The new TWorld747 series is truly a world-first, which combines distance innovation and supreme craftsmanship," said Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of Honma Golf Europe. "We wanted to push the innovation boundaries further and provide golfers of all abilities with a clb range that will truly improve their distances and maintain a superior aesthetic.

“The non-rotating spine system in the driver is brand-new technology and the distance benefits will be obvious from the first swing.

"The new TWorld747 range means golfers can now experience the luxury artistry and premium performance that Honma Golf has to offer, at an affordable price." He concluded.

TW747 Fairway Woods and Utility

Honma says the TWorld747 fairway wood is designed for a high trajectory and maximum distance. A 9g external weight towards the back in tandem with an inner 20g weight create a low and deep centre of gravity. Golfers can now launch the ball high into the air, with no loss of distance.

Available as a 3W (15°), 3HL (16.5°), 5W (18°) and a 7W (21°).

The new TW747 utility has been designed with a stable head shape with a well-balanced outline preferred by pros, providing confidence at address and promoting a straighter takeaway on the backswing. Expect a high-launch trajectory and moderate spin rate for consistent shots from both the fairway and the rough. Available in 19°, 25°, and 28°.

TW747 Irons

In a half-mirror and polished finish, the TW747 Vx Forged irons are designed for distance and forgiveness, with a solid feel and more premium look. A 10g tungsten weight located in the toe of the clubhead combine with a 3mm shorter neck than before, creating a low and deep centre of gravity, to deliver maximum distance with a high and precise trajectory. Comes standard in the steel N.S.Pro Modus3 For T//World shaft, with the option of the graphite Vizard IB-WF shaft.

The TWorld747P irons are game improvement, providing confidence at address and increased forgiveness on miss-hit shots. Crafted from high-strength stainless steel with a shortened hosel and 20g tungsten weight on the sole from 4 iron through to 10 iron, the P irons have a lower centre of gravity. A 3D emblem absorbs vibration for a more solid feel and sound at impact. Strong lofts and high ball speeds offer the ideal trajectory and distance. Available in either the graphite Vizard For TW747 50, or steel N.S.Pro 950GH.

TW-W Wedges

Rounding off the series are the wedges in a mild steel casting for a softer feel. Double plated for durability, the polished face is cross-milled with increased groove depth and width, while the rest of the club is in a soft satin finish.

Two sole options offer optimal performance from any situation; thinner in the upper portion of the face for a mid-low centre of gravity, the I-Sole offers ideal turf interaction for greater shot making ability and spot on accuracy. Available in lower wedge lofts of 48°, 50°, and 52°.

The C-Sole was developed through feedback with Honma’s staff player Hideto Tanihara for greater versatility and less digging into the turf. A thicker upper portion of the face raises the centre of gravity for a more penetrating flight and greater spin control. Available in lofts of 56°, 58°, and 60° with a choice of low (8°) or high (12°) bounce soles. Shaft options are the N.S.Pro 950GH or True Temper Dynamic Gold.