Yamaha’s Ultra Distance Driver Article cover photo
28 July 2017

Yamaha’s Ultra Distance Driver

The new Inpress UD+2 driver challenges the limit allowed by SLE rules

The new Yamaha Inpress UD+2 driver enhances your drives by using a wide repulsion area designed through supercomputer analysis. Yamaha’s engineers chose from over 30,000 calculated shape designs, and have selected those that offer the best performance for maximizing the repulsion area.

Through a precision crafting process called milling and press moulding, the thickness of the clubface has also been optimized in order to achieve both a lighter clubface and a larger repulsion area. The resulting UD+2 Ultimate Face delivers an enlarged repulsion area that minimizes the loss of distance even from off-centre hits. Optimally placing 40 grams of weight, 35 grams of which are fully integrated into the sole (which takes up some 20% of the head weight) and 5 grams of badge-shaped weight, creates the dual benefits of an extremely low CG height and a deep CG. This ultra-low deep CG allows ball flights with high trajectories yet with a low spin. Additionally, the large 34º CG angle allows the face to return easily and avoid sliced shots.

Since the super low-deep CG design delivers a high launch angle, the repulsion efficiency and kick velocity are also high, which translate into a strong loft. Furthermore, this strong loft allows a low CG for the face, which prevents energy loss and minimizes loss of ball flight distance, even if contact is made with the lower part of the clubface.