Comfort That Never Quits Article cover photo
28 July 2017

Comfort That Never Quits

The new FootJoy ContourFIT shoes

FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf recently launched its latest golf shoe, the ContourFIT. Recognized as the best selling shoe of all time given its reasonable price point and comfort, this latest model takes comfort to the max.

Completely redesigned with the ultimate goal of unmatched comfort, the ContourFIT sports a new look from its predecessors. Not only that, the revamped shoe has a completely new Dynaflex outsole design that has strategically placed flex grooves that flex naturally with the foot. This provides great flexibility while walking and throughout the golf swing. In addition, the top of the shoe features a new U-throat design to give golfers a more generous fit. A new integrated Achilles heel pad delivers support and comfort complementing the connected comfort tongue that locks the foot into the shoe for a precise fit. Coupled with a thicker super soft fitbed, the new ContourFIT shoe provides a whole new experience to your golfing round.

“Comfort ensures your overall well-being during the game and this in turn helps provide that sense of confidence as you take each shot or putt. And as we all know, in the game of golf, confidence is king. The FJ Contour shoes have always provided outstanding in-shoe comfort and this is why it has long been the bestselling franchise we have in the FJ shoe family. The new Contour Fit has now raised in-shoe comfort standards to a new high and this all adds up to a shoe that will provide you exceptional value after the many rounds you will have played in them." said Timothy Yoong, FJ Regional Brand Manager.

Straight out of the box, there is none of that “breaking in” fuss. The leather used for the shoe is soft and very supple. The ContourFIT has a wide toe box that is perfect for most flat/wide-footed golfers like myself. Its Fine Tuned Foam 3.0 under the feet is soft and thick. In addition, for some of us golfers who want to minimize the sock tan and prefer low-cut socks, the shoe boasts generous padding around the heels. The padding is very soft and comfortable, staving off any potential blisters.

The result? Comfort that never quits. To some, this might seem to be another catchy ad slogan. But having taken out the shoe for many rounds of golf -all walking, I might add and I assure you, it is not. It truly reflects the reality that the new FootJoy ContourFIT feels so soft, spongy and uber comfortable. It almost feels like I have pillows under my feet! In my opinion, by far the most comfortable golf shoe I have worn for walking in golf. The shoe has a more athletic type look than its predecessors, while still maintaining its predominant conservative stature. But with its different colour accented models, it doesn’t fall on the side of boring. The introduction of some waffled texture that undergrids the subtle FJ logo on the side also lends the shoe an interesting look. For the lace models, they come in:

  • - black with subtle crimson accents
  • - white with grey and red accents
  • - white with brown and a subtle red accent
  • - white with black and grey accents
  • The BOA models that provide for a more snug and secure fit, have three models. One is a conservative looking model that is white with grey and navy accents while the other two are a bit edgier. If golfers are looking for just that small bit of pizzazz, these edgier models come in:

  • - white with grey and a shiny blue accent
  • - white with navy and a shiny red accent
  • Enough about the comfort of the shoe - one might ask how about performance? Well, the ContourFIT is no slouch in this area. FootJoy has not forgotten this aspect of performance in a golf shoe. The shoe has very good traction and stability through its replaceable Pulsar soft spikes. In addition, traction is supplemented with rubber studs that weave between all the spikes to give the shoe a very stable base, even in wet conditions. Talking about wet conditions, the ContourFIT is also waterproof and is guaranteed by FootJoy for one year in normal use.

    To the golfer out there that swings out of his socks that has been told that he needs to slow his swing to a blur, this shoe does the job of not letting him fall flat on his face.