Masterful Performance From Tee To Green Article cover photo
09 December 2016

Masterful Performance From Tee To Green

Ecco’s new Cage Pro featuring a new spike-less outsole

When top performance is a must, the new Ecco Cage Pro will set your game free. Featuring a revolutionary spike-less outsole, the newest addition to the Ecco Cage line, the Ecco Cage Pro maintains the same incredible stability and flexibility, while its powerful grip utilizes your foot’s pivot points for a natural, effortless swing.
Constructed with the finest leather available to a golf shoe, and treated to repel water, this is a shoe designed with two goals in mind, to help golfers get the best out of their game, and to see that it happens with zero discomfort.

Making its debut in Ecco Cage Pro, the new Ecco SPYDR-GRIP is engineered for optimal grip and traction at the foot’s natural pivot points. Utilising an organic design that is easy on the green, the new outsole utilises soft curves that provide an innovative new look and minimise the clogging of dirt thanks to optimised spacing between the studs. Direct injected from durable TPU, the precisely positioned studs also help improve grip and ensure stability from the backswing to the follow-through.

Ecco Golf shoes are designed with the utmost attention to how your feet relate to your swing, and constructed to provide luxurious comfort from the first time you put them on. Trek through a bunker, summit a hill, kneel on the green; your feet won’t know the difference.

With a peerless focus on quality, Ecco oversees every aspect of the manufacturing process, including design, leatherwork, sole production, and final assembly. Different shoes incorporate different technologies, but all of them realize the Ecco mission of balancing yourneed for performance with your desire for pleasure, because the truth of golf is as simple as this: when you feel great, you play great, every time.

Focusing on the mobility of feet has always been, and still is, the starting point for Ecco. Design and appearance often change due to times, trends and occasions, but inside, Ecco shoe’s provides the same excellent fit and feeling of well-being. By improving, refining and innovating every single detail that distinguishes an Ecco shoe from an ordinary shoe.