Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

01 Sep 2019

Wedges were once little more than an afterthought in an iron set, then one man came along, upset the industry apple cart, and proceeded to write the book on specialised wedges for use around the green.

That same rulebook, written during 40 years of short game leadership, has now been tossed as Cleveland realised that modern wedges have become so specialised that they best serve the tour pro. What about the millions of golfers who struggle with or even fear their wedges?

Enter the wheel re-invented, The Cleveland CBX 2, the second generation of a forgiving, cavity back wedge that also provides all the versatility most golfers need. It’s a wedge as forgiving as your favourite cavity back irons and that just makes sense.


A revolutionary new Hollow-Cavity design sees a hollow chamber near the heel and a heavy weight placed in the toe, right where the ball is struck most often in a wedge, to maximise MOI and perimeter weighting. Yet it still comes in a sleek, attractive profile that looks blade-like, pleasing the eye at address.


Feel Balancing Technology combines a toe-biased center of gravity with a Gelback for vibration reduction, resulting in a soft, satisfying feel along with the crisp feedback.


The Cleveland CBX 2 improves consistency for all level of golfers in a forgiving and powerfully versatile profile. Three distinct sole grinds based on loft, allow for square, open-faced, or flop shots off any greenside surface.


To control trajectory or place the ball precisely on the green, you need wedge shots with lots of spin. To that end, Cleveland’s latest 4th generation Rotex face, has been milled, carved, and lasered into Cleveland CBX 2.


Blade wedges are stiff, heavy, and tough to swing; a total mismatch to the lightweight cavity back irons most amateurs use. The Cleveland CBX 2 eliminates that awkward transition with lightweight construction that matches the feel and performance of your irons.

Grinds Made Simple

V-shaped, S-shaped, or C-shaped sole, Cleveland CBX 2 is all the shot making versatility with none of the cryptic grind selection that plagues traditional wedges. Our engineering team has done all the work for with three different sole grinds arranged by loft.

The Right Shaft

Blade wedges aren’t designed to blend with cavity back irons. Tour wedge shafts are typically 30-50 grams heavier than cavity back iron shafts and that’s a big difference in swing feel. So True Temper designed Dynamic Gold 115 in parallel with the Cleveland team to produce a smooth, easy transition from cavity back irons to cavity back wedges.

Cleveland CBX 2 shaft options include the Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge, Rotex Precision Graphite Wedge Flex, and Women’s Action Ultralite 50 Wedge Flex.

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