Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Woods

03 Oct 2019

Cleveland Golf resurrects the Launcher and HiBore name, taking the best of what was legendary for the brand and turbo charging it for the real golfer; he who just wants to pick up his clubs and enjoy the game with higher, longer and straighter shots every single time… all with as little practice as possible.

The redesigned Launcher HB Turbo driver and fairway woods is everything Launcher has always stood for: high, long, and straight.

To go longer off the tee and off the fairway, you have to go faster, so Cleveland turbocharged the driver face with a variable thickness Cup Face that stretches along a driver’s crown and sole, creating a perimeter of wafer thin titanium. A structure like this flexes at impact, reflecting energy back into the ball for blinding speed. It not only makes you faster on center strikes but on every strike, wherever you hit the ball, effectively creating a Turbocharged Cup Face.

Forgiveness Made Fast

Launcher has always stood for one thing, launching the ball high and straight. The new lighter hosel, improved crown, and deeper weighting magnifies forgiveness. Plus, a deeper CG helps you send it high and straight down the fairway.

Launch It Higher To Go Farther

The unique HiBore Crown features a prominent step that significantly lowers the center of gravity within the driver head. Pushing that center of gravity even lower, the Ultralight Hosel is now lighter, and the weight savings culminated in the new Deep Weighting for the heaviest sole pad yet. The result is a centre of gravity that’s 4.4mm deeper and 2.2mm lower, for increased launch and maximised distance.

Find Fairways

Deep Weighting helps you launch it higher, and it also helps you find the fairway, even when you strike the ball off-center. It’s the secret to Launcher HB Turbo’s incredible forgiveness off the toe, heel, or anywhere on the face. A 35g weight pad increases MOI by 424gcm2 for more forgiveness on every drive, giving you stability on off-center impact to keep you out of the hazard and ready to score low.

A new Draw Model provides all the same forgiveness as the standard and provides help to those who tend to miss right keep the ball in the fairway.

Feels Easy, Goes Faster

Miyazaki who engineer some seriously premium graphite shafts developed their latest Miyazaki C. Kua, a made-in-Japan feat of engineering that pulls weight from the length of the shaft and repositions it on the grip end, making a shaft that feels incredibly easy to swing even with a heavier head, ecause extra weight in the head means more momentum and better energy transfer at impact. That’s a best-of-both-worlds scenario that adds distance to all your drives.

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