Forged Satin

27 Jun 2019

As one of two companies with the last word in wedges, Cleveland Golf is a name with pedigree, having dominated the golf wedge industry for the better part of four decades since 1979. There was a time when anyone with a wedge game worth their salt would have a Cleveland 588 wedge in the bag, or also just because tour pros played one.

From 588 to RTX4 is a long time in between, a good 30 years in fact, time that has allowed Cleveland to hone and refine everything they’ve learned about the wedge to produce the best spin performance ever in the Rotex series via its fourth iteration the RTX4.

The most tour authentic to date, designed with tour player input and therefore what the pros would want to play, RTX4 delivers maximum, and more importantly, consistent spin performance even under tough turf conditions. The design approach is for a less offset hosel, with the lower lofted wedges featuring a considerably more compact head and a straighter leading edge, while the higher lofts have a rounder leading edge with progressively larger heads.

With 18 loft and bounce options, and three finishes: tour satin, black satin and raw, one would think that Cleveland has all their bases covered… save one. Cleveland has traditionally cast their wedges, and the RTX4 is cast from 8620 carbon steel. Now, there’s a new variation with the RTX4 Forged, a S20C soft forged model that offers all the same bells and whistles of performance and consistency as the cast version, except that the RTX4 Forged will be in a specification especially for the Japanese market where exquisitely forged clubs are highly coveted.

The RTX-4 Forged is a beauty that retains the technology of the original: progressive Feel Balancing Technology places the centre of gravity in its absolute most ideal location for enhanced feel and reliable distance control, even when you don’t strike the center of the face, and if contact is made on the sweepspot, it won’t feel like a mishit.

New muscle shaping on the back of each face adjusts the center of gravity based on the loft of each wedge, making it easier to control the trajectory whether it’s for a high lob or playing that low, knockdown shot.

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