Majesty Royale Series

03 Jan 2020

The Majesty Royale family of golf clubs is a premium line with a focus on generating distance for the golfer with moderate swing speed. The refined club head shape is paired with the Majesty exclusive shaft throughout the set enhances control while generating a powerful trajectory. Key throughout the Royale family line is the low centre-of-gravity design paired with the lower torque shaft for distance with control.rn

According to president Adam Sheldon, “These innovative, new products are in a class of their own. We spared no expense in creating them. From the exotic materials to the jewellery quality finishing techniques and overall performance engineering, we built the ultimate product for moderate swing speed golfers.”


More than just external high gloss and bling, the driver touts a clubhead with a refined spider web face for a 30% larger sweet spot than before, resulting in increased distance even on mishits across the clubface. A three-piece structure utilises 6-4 titanium alloy in the crown, lightweight fullerene titanium in the neck and high-density titanium in the sole. The highly rigid and lightweight honeycomb design promotes higher ball speed across the face. Its ultra-lightweight shaft utilises two layers of high-elasticity carbon wrapped around the middle and tip for more stability, allowing for a slightly lengthened 46.6 inch shaft meant to generate more distance without sacrificing control.rn

Fairway Wood

Majesty utilised the same refined spider web structure from their driver design on a Dat55G forged face to promote a larger sweet spot, resulting in consistent distance across the face with unprecedented feel. The shallow faced fairway’s lightweight titanium crown and tungsten alloy sole promote a higher trajectory and more stability on shots. This exotic head construction has resulted in a lower centre of gravity and higher moment of inertia for ultimate stability and distance for shot confidence on long par 4s and par 5s.rn

Utility Fairwayrn

Also shallow faced and wood-like in design for easier launch, the utility fairway carries the same refined spider web design coupled to an extremely thin high grade TSP910 Titanium cup face for maximum repulsion. The club head’s high strength maraging custom body and a high density tungsten weight lowers the CG and increases the moment of inertia for more distance with less effort, even on mis-hits.rn


The Royale irons come in a highly playable design easy and pleasing to the eye. The use of exotic materials allows for an oversize design which incorporates a progressive offset in the hosel. The design and offset helps to increase launch and maximises forgiveness. The heads of the irons are finished in a “Hard Chrome” IP for that beautiful finish, which simultaneously provides remarkable durability and strength.

They feature a multi-material construction, including an ultra-thin face forged from maraging steel, and a repulsion groove from the toe to heel on the inside of the sole. Both are designed to increase repulsion and consistency. A special welding technique joined tungsten alloy to the custom 450 body structure, creating a tungsten atomic joint that allows the centre of gravity to be lowered for increased moment of inertia and resulting in a very forgiving iron.

The Majesty Royale driver is offered in 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degree lofts. The Majesty Royale fairway woods come in lofts of 15, 18 and 21 degrees, and and utility fairways in 18, 21 and 24 degree options. The irons are available in an 8-piece set of 6-iron through sand wedge.

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