18 Apr 2024

Sharpen your greenside play with Cleveland Golf’s two new wedges.

Cleveland Golf introduces the latest additions to its wedge family: RTX Full-Face 2 and Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges. These new offerings combine premium, thoughtful design with larger striking areas for added forgiveness and playability.

All-new RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges are designed to deliver exceptional
versatility and give skilled golfers everything they need to tackle open-face shots with confidence. Featuring hosel-to-toe grooves and an extended toe area, RTX Full-Face 2 provides maximum versatility, spin, and consistency across the course.

RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges are equipped with HydraZip technology – a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system integrated into the face of the Wedge. This unique treatment helps maximize spin in wet or dry conditions, or from anywhere around the green. The lasered micro-milling lines are angled toward RTX Full- Face 2’s grooves, adding more roughness and friction at impact.

RTX Full-Face 2 features improved UltiZip grooves. Across the striking area, UltiZip helps to cut through grass and debris at contact, for added bite at impact. Meanwhile, a high- toe profile enlarges the striking area for added confidence on aggressive short-game shots.

Packed with even more of Cleveland Golf’s proprietary ZipCore material, RTX Full- Face 2 gives players better short-game consistency and forgiveness. ZipCore helps position the centre of gravity (CG) closer to where the club strikes the ball for more consistent performance and enhanced forgiveness. RTX Full-Face 2 features up to 96 per cent more ZipCore material compared to its predecessor, which results in MOI gains of up to 13 per cent.

RTX Full-Face 2 features three versatile sole grind options, each optimized based on loft groupings. For lower lofts ranging from 50°- 52°, an S-Shaped sole with 8° of bounce, provides an optimal balance of control and maneuverability. Sand Wedge lofts feature a similar S-Shaped sole, but with more bounce at 10° for tackling bunker shots. Lofts of 58° and higher, feature a C-Shaped sole with 8° bounce, designed for flops or escapes from challenging lies.

For those seeking a bespoke Wedge experience, Cleveland Golf’s Tour Rack program is available for RTX Full-Face 2. These raw Wedges can be customised and personalized with the player’s preferred sole grinds, leading edge shape, and more.

RTX Full-Face 2 (Tour Satin) wedges are available at SRP $280.

The Cleveland Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges feature four specialised clubs, each designed for nearly all types of short-game shots. With upgraded, Three-Tiered Sole Designs, Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges provide maximum forgiveness from anywhere on the course.

Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges feature a 46 per cent larger striking area than the previous model – the largest clubface ever on a Cleveland Golf Wedge. They also provide more MOI than the previous Smart Sole generation.

New alignment lines at the bottom of the club face are designed to help golfers keep the club centred behind the ball at address and keep a square club face at impact.

Each Smart Sole Full-Face model is tailored for specific situations around the green. The C-model is ideal for chip shots or bump-and-runs. The G-model is for full or partial approach shots. The S-model is designed for easier sand savings, while the L-model is engineered for high arching shots into short-sided pin locations.

Cleveland Smart Sole Full-Face Wedges are available at SRP $240 each.