TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 And Hi-Toe Big Foot Wedges

13 Sep 2019

TaylorMade wedges have gained traction with the market over the years, with the Milled Grind series getting universal nods from golfers and wedge play wizards. Now the company seeks to build on that global success with the second generation Milled Grind 2 (MG2). Drawing upon years of research and working closely with many of the best players in the world, MG2 introduces a new raw face designed for optimal spin and precision wedge play.

Similar to its predecessor and also found in the new P7TW irons is the company’s proven CNC milling technology, which allows for the production of wedges to exacting specifications; each leading edge and sole grind is individually CNC milled for unparalleled accuracy and consistency from club to club and grind to grind.

Raw Face Design

With the new MG2 wedges, engineers have utilised the combination of face and groove design to create the ultimate spin for ultimate performance. Raw Face design optimises spin and feel.

TaylorMade’s Tour Players have long benefited from the performance raw wedges offer and now these performance gains are available to golfers of all levels.

ZTP Raw Grooves offer sharper, deeper and narrower grooves and a sharper radius, which further combined with a rougher surface from the laser etching between the grooves, enable the golfer to create more friction between the clubface and the ball generating more greenside spin. Compared with plated grooves, the raw face design’s increase in friction reduces the golf ball’s potential to skid up the clubface leading to more predictable spin and a consistent ball flight for pin point accuracy.

Unique to the MG2, each raw wedge head will feature an air-tight 3M adhesive sticker which is applied on the face to prevent rusting before use. When the golfer removes the adhesive sticker, the face will immediately begin oxidizing, which in turn, begins the rusting process.

Thick-Thin Head For The Best Feel

Never one to shy away from technological advances, TaylorMade has come up with a new thick-thin design through a design optimization tool previously only used in designing metalwoods and irons. They discovered that having a thicker backing and thinner outer area boosted the quality of the sound and feel. The face thickness has increased to 6.5 millimeters from 5.1mm and the topline reduced to 4.5mm. A TPU insert in the rear cavity helped reduce some of the added weight from the thicker head while delivering vibration dampening for a solid, positive feel at impact.

CNC Milling For Precision

Master craftsman were once responsible for shaping a tour pros wedges, specifically the grind and bounce of the sole critical to a wedge’s performance. The skill required was practically an artform, but it wasn’t precise.

Machining technology, first introduced in Milled Grind Wedges and more recently in the new Tiger Woods P7TW irons, enables each leading edge and sole grind to be CNC milled for unparalleled accuracy and consistency. By producing wedges not by hand but through CNC milling machines, the tolerances of a milled sole far exceed what a human can do in a repeatable fashion, effectively making every wedge, right down to bounce and grind, exactly the same.

Likewise, the sole geometry, consisting of contour, angle and surface area must be designed and maintained to interact properly with the turf in the desired manner. Different ground and sand conditions also require variations in sole geometries to facilitate play depending on player type. A low effective bounce (LB) grind provides the least amount of ground resistance and a standard grind (SB) has a median ground resistance.

MG2 Wedges are available in two different Satin Chrome and Matte Black finishes, and come equipped with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold S200 (steel) shaft and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Burgundy 360 grip.

Hi-Toe Big Foot

The company’s year old Hi-Toe series now welcome a game-improvement option with Hi-Toe Big Foot. Designed to deliver the same optimal short-game control for a multitude of shots and conditions around the green as the original Hi-Toe, it’s now even easier to play with its super wide sole.

Built for versatility around the green, Hi-Toe Big Foot wedges offer an asymmetric C-Grind that is both flatter and has a wider sole at 32mm, compared to traditional wedges which have a sole width of 26mm. Combined with an anti-dig leading edge with maximum bounce of 15°, Hi-Toe Bigfoot significantly enhances playability and ease of use from the sand and rough.

The leading edge of the Hi-Toe Bigfoot is more blunt with a bevelled leading edge radius to be forgiving. Additionally, the middle is now flatter at 32mm wide and with added bounce towards the toe to help golfers with an outside in swing path and tendency to make contact towards the toe. The trailing edge offers relief with a slight heel side reduction to help keep the leading edge low when opening the face for flop shots.

Deep CG pockets have been developed to increase spin, flight control and allow for mass to be redistributed to the sole. Bigger chambers has allowed engineers to maximize the width of the sole.

Hi-Toe Big Foot has the same Hi-Toe design technology with an increased toe height upwards of 5mm allowing a higher centre of gravity for a lower launch and more spin. The extended full-face scoring lines ensure consistent ball contact out of the rough and help increase spin on off-centre strikes.

Hi-Toe Big Foot wedges will be offered in 58° & 60° lofts (RH only) and come equipped with a KBS Hi-REV 2.0 115g steel shaft with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet burgundy 360 GEC grip.

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