21 Sep 2019

From August 30, Titleist unveils a host of new irons in stores, with a total of three in their new T-Series and two additional in the MB and CB models that seeks to indulge purists and traditionalists. It is noteworthy that these five new iron models, including the recently released TS Hybrids and U-Series utility irons, allow a player to mix and match from any model line for a combination set that completes a player’s desired looks and performance goals.


These are 3 completely new technology packed irons designed to increase ball speed and improve distance control. Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing, who shared that Titleist now have a R & D team that is six times larger than when they launched their first breakthrough irons in the AP iron line 11 years ago, said, “The T-Series represents a revolutionary step forward in Titleist iron design and technology. It’s because of that ongoing investment that we’ve been able to make such significant breakthroughs in materials and construction, and learn how to package those technologies into constructions that offer the look, sound and feel that players expect from a Titleist iron.”

Offering a combination of power, performance, playability, and feel that will cater to each discerning player category, Titleist introduces Max Impact Technology in their T200 and T300 irons. Designed to deliver maximum speed and distance control across the entire face of the mid and long irons while preserving superior sound and feel, a super thin face is backed by a unique polymer core to provide consistently better distance from every swing.

As explained by Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D, “There are three key elements to hitting a great iron shot: distance, dispersion and angle of descent. T-Series technology helps players carry the ball longer and hit their number more consistently, even when they don’t make a perfect strike. Dispersion is tighter, so the ball stays on target. And trajectory is optimized, so the ball not only lands on the green, but stays there. Length means nothing if you don’t have control.


Max Impact allows us to make thinner, faster faces that push the limits of iron ball speed. We’re able to take our materials and make them thinner and faster to maximize speed across the face, and help give us the launch angle needed to deliver more consistent distances on every swing. In other words, you’ll end up with more shots that hit the green, and stop there. Being able to rely on the material expertise of our Golf Ball R&D team, we were able to build a polymer core with properties that not only deliver the resilience we needed for speed performance, but also sound dampening that helps us dial in the preferred feel for each construction.”



A true players’ iron, it offers confidence-inspiring tour-quality looks and performance with signature Titleist feel. A fully forged cavity construction is balanced by co-forged, dual-density tungsten for precise distance control with exceptional stability.

Ines said, “With T100 we wanted to build an iron that delivers incredible performance and perfectly suits the player’s eye. This is a precision product. It’s not about hitting it the furthest, it’s about hitting it that exact distance each and every time, being able to work the ball when necessary and having that pure look and feel that the best players in the world demand.”

A forgiving cavity back designed for the player, Titleist says the T100 achieves new heights of tour-level precision resulting from player feedback from the likes of Jordan Spieth, who put a full set into play at the Open Championship. A thinner, more responsive face increases ball speed across the entire face, while a refined sole shape married to a thin topline and minimal offset maintains the Tour look preferred by better players.


More forgiving and easier to launch than the T100, expect powerful playable distance with a tour-inspired look and feel. Forged with a SUP-10 high strength steel L-Face insert, this distance player’s iron goes long without sacrificing looks, feel, trajectory, consistency or stopping power.


This player’s game improvement iron is the longest and fastest in the T Series, built to give more distance in the long irons. Also the most forgiving, It has a modern looking mid-size face coupled to a fast cavity-back design that delivers faster ball speeds, and is the best combination of high launch, long distance and forgiveness.

On the uber-forgiveness of the T300, Josh Talge said, “T300 is the ultimate game improvement iron. It goes high and far, it’s exceptionally playable and it looks great. T300 has a higher MOI than our prior generation game improvement model for even more distance and forgiveness. From address, you’d never believe how much technology is built into this iron.”

In both the T200 and T300 models, Max Impact technology spreads maximum speed and distance control evenly across their thin, forged faces, with high launch and stopping power, to convert near misses into near perfect impact.

“When you have a face technology like Max Impact, it becomes doubly important to balance the construction with high-density tungsten to achieve the high MOI you need to keep the club stable at impact. Having such high MOI properties at our blade lengths allows the iron face to return more energy to the golf ball on off center shots and produce more consistent distances. If you don’t have a high MOI, you’re not going to get the full benefits out of your face design.”, explained Ines.

All three models have high-density tungsten placed in the heel and toe of the mid and long irons, producing a low CG for enhanced stability and a higher, easier launch with stopping power. Also inherent is a progressive set design that includes progressive sole widths, blade and hosel lengths for optimal CG positioning with preferred shaping through the set. Camber design has also been enhanced for improved turf interaction, increasing forgiveness across different turf conditions.

The 620 MB And 620 CB

With the 620 MB and 620 CB irons, Titleist has elected to return to a new beginning with the “600” numbering which brand loyalists are familiar with. If you recall, Tiger Woods initial domination of the golfing world was accomplished with custom Titleist 681 “T” MBs in hand before his switch to another brand in 2002.

“The ‘600’ designation is a nod back to our original 600 series of forged blades from the early- to mid- 2000’s,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “These designs are an important part of our company’s heritage, as they proved that Titleist knew how to make the best irons for the best ball strikers in the world.”

The significance of the numbering is reflected in how Titleist has retained much of the traditional looks and face size that purists are accustomed to, but with new performance enhancing features. With a premium on shotmaking, the 620 MB and CB irons carry on Titleist’s legacy of delivering tour-proven shot control and unmatched feel in a precise cavity back and muscle back forging. Tour player feedback influenced improvements in shaping and smoother turf interaction.

Progressive blade lengths are a feature of both sets, with the compact short irons progressing into slightly larger blade sizes at the long end of the set. Offset is significantly reduced over their T-Series cousins, enhancing workability and shot control. And in a nod to the modern-day preference for muscle and cavity mixed sets, the blade profiles of the 620 MB and CB irons have also been matched to make for a more seamless transition within any given combo set. With added attention to enhance camber and refine the leading edge in their tour preferred soles, interaction and performance through the turf are much improved.

620 MB

A modern blade for precision shotmaking, this advanced muscle-back design delivers tour-proven flight with maximum shot and trajectory control. This unified one-piece forging from 1025 carbon steel delivers the purest feel at impact.

Devoid of graphics, the 620 MB has a very clean, brushed chrome finish that features only the Titleist script. Talge explained this clean look, “The performance of Titleist MB’s is so tried and true that when we ask players for feedback, many of them just want to talk about the aesthetics. One request we started to hear over and over from both pros and amateurs was to make MB as clean as possible. Really the only way to do that was to remove any ‘MB’ graphic, leaving only the Titleist script on the back of the club head. MB players know what an MB is, so that’s what we did. It’s a simply stunning result.”

620 CB

The more forgiving of the two, the 620 CB combines playability and precision with a boost in long iron performance, but in a modern cavity back design that delivers tour-proven trajectory and shotmaking with emphasis on a pure forged feel. Co-forged high-density tungsten in the 3 and 4-irons maximizes ball speed and forgiveness for more consistent long iron performance.

“Our ability to use co-forged high-density tungsten in such a compact blade size like 620 CB is extremely powerful, especially at the long end of the set where players need the most help with launch and forgiveness,” said Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development. “We’ve seen many MB players gravitate toward mixed sets particularly because that combination of performance and workability in the CB 3- and 4-irons is so compelling. At the same time, with mixed sets becoming so common, we matched the profiles and blade lengths of 620 CB and MB so that players can start blending at any point in the set without making any sacrifices.”

Stock Shaft Options

As always with Titleist, the T-Series’ and the 620 MB / CB high-performance stock shaft matrix includes premium steel and graphite aftermarket options, many at no upcharge. Some will have tour-proven ascending mass technology which provides lighter long iron shafts for increased launch and speed, and heavier short iron shafts for control in specific weight ranges matched to the target players for each iron model.


• True Temper Project X LZ | Mid launch, low spin | 120g (6.0)

• Nippon NS Pro 880 AMC Chrome (Regular/Stiff) | High launch, high spin | 93-105-105g (3g per club 4i to 8i, then constant)


• True Temper Project X LZ | Mid launch, low spin | 115g (5.5)

• Nippon NS Pro 880 AMC Chrome (Regular & Stiff) | High launch, high spin | 93-105-105g (3g per club 4i to 8i, then constant)


Steel: Nippon NS Pro 880 AMC Chrome (Regular & Stiff) | High launch, high spin | 93-105-105g (3g per club 4i to 8i, then constant)

Graphite: Mitsubishi MCA Tensei Red AM2 (Regular) | Low launch, low spin | 54-68g (2g per club)

620 CB & MB

• CB: True Temper Project X LZ (6.0) | Mid launch, low spin | 120g

• MB: True Temper Project X (6.0) | Low launch, low spin | 120g

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