Violet Oon Singapore At Jewel

11 Sep 2019

With the opening of Violet Oon Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore’s distinctive, much beloved cuisine can now be savoured by jet-setting travellers and local guests alike.

The biggest and most dazzling outlet to date, the 3,800 square feet restaurant is an elegant homage to the best of what Singapore has to offer in terms of concept, food, ambience and design. It elevates what can be best called the Violet Oon Singapore experience with its touches of artistry and great deal of attention paid to every aspect of dining there.

“The vision for Violet Oon Singapore at Jewel is about coming together to celebrate with food while creating indelible memories of Singapore in a gorgeous space. So we brought together different elements from our four other restaurants, and specially created dishes exclusively available here,” said Violet Oon Singapore’s CEO, Manoj M Murjani.

Sugee Cake with Calamansi Drizzle & Ice Cream

With a strong emphasis on showcasing Singaporean flavours, highlights are the newly introduced six-seater round communal tables and the ultimate celebratory dish, DIY Nyonya Poh Piah, featuring six pieces of handmade Poh Piah skins and more than 12 different fillings and condiments including braised bamboo shoots, Jicama and beancurd in a savoury tau cheo and prawn bisque, steam prawns, Chinese sausage and flavour bombs such as finely pounded dried sole fish and golden fried garlic sprinkles. A vegetarian set is also available.

“A good Poh Piah Party is always a home party favourite and Manoj and I love this perfect communal meal which represents the finest in Singapore hospitality. An invitation to a DIY Poh Piah party in a home is a very special event showcasing the host’s love and respect for the guests. This dish is very tedious to prepare and now, you can easily indulge in this beloved celebratory Singapore dish. It is truly exciting to continue to unfold and share the Singapore food story at Jewel,” says Violet Oon.

Nyonya Poh Piah Party

In a nod to Singapore’s love affair with barbequed seafood and satay are the exclusive offerings from the Live Charcoal GrillStation; Ayam Panggang Katong, grilled Gula Melaka glazed chicken served with piquant Atchara housemade pickles and VO Chili sauce. Vegan Satay Lilitare aromatic skewers made with vegan minced ‘beef’;while BBQ Broccolini Buah Keras is smoky chargrilled Broccolini served with a tangy candlenut coconut sauce and pine nuts; and Eggplant with Sambal are halved eggplants grilled and topped with green sambal hijau and spicy Goreng Chilli sambal.

Ayam Panggang Katong

Violet Oon menu stalwarts are not to be missed, too. Diners will still be able to order perennial favourites like Beef Rendang, Dry Laksa, and crispy Ngoh Hiang.