Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes

20 Feb 2021


Be it Tour professionals or everyday golfer, adidas kept hearing that there was something missing from golf shoes. Where was the high-performance spiked shoe that was lightweight and extremely comfortable?

adidas heard and adidas delivered, rising to the incredibly technical challenge to create something exciting that would stand alone at the top and launch a new category of spiked footwear.

“I’ve worn adidas shoes my entire career and it’s amazing how the team was able to reduce the weight so much while still keeping the great comfort, traction and stability. Players of all skill levels will benefit from what ZG21 has to offer when they put them on and head to the course.”
– Dustin Johnson, 2020 Masters Champion and No. 1 Player in the World

After nearly two years, multiple prototypes, configurations, and infusing their latest technologies to get everything right, adidas unleashes the ZG21, a high-performance spiked shoe that’s lightweight with zero compromises.

The brand with the three stripes’ lightest spiked footwear model features their renowned Boost cushioning, is up to 20 percent lighter than comparable adidas spiked models and significantly lighter than anything else on the market. But just being lightweight wasn’t enough.

“ZG21 is truly a breakthrough feat in spiked performance. We were able to combine the latest and greatest materials, innovations, and manufacturing processes without sacrificing anything. It changes the game for those who love spiked footwear.”
– Masun Denison, global footwear director, adidas Golf

Beyond the clean, fast and sleek design, ZG21 features under the hood:

40 percent lighter than any EVA foam and a first in golf, Lightstrike provides shock absorption and quick recovery. Successfully used in basketball and tennis, the foam is coupled with a Boost cushioning pad that sits under heel for a combination of lightweight comfort and stability with every swing and step.

A lightweight and waterproof (one-year warranty) four-layer upper that combines innovative textiles and polyurethane films for breakthrough performance.

Ultra-light Stability Fin
A durable and lightweight TPU insert running along the sidewall increases lateral stability and a locked-in feel.

Swingplane Traction
Inspired by heat-map studies and running from heel to toe, maximum traction is applied where it’s needed most. Six strategically placed cleats, and crescent moon-shaped secondary lugs optimise grip, support and performance while ultimately reducing weight.

Ultra-thin Outsole
The ultra-thin TPU outsole brings the foot closer to the ground for increased stability, akin to how a race driver sits low in a formula one car.

ZG21 will come in four models: men’s laced, men’s and women’s Boa, and a laced offering for junior golfers. The two Boa models new Boa Fit System is a ‘Y’-strap design that wraps around the foot, creating a secure fit over the instep and providing flexibility and freedom in the toe box. The men’s ZG21 Boa also features Li2 – a sleek, low-profile dial platform that modulates tension with enhanced speed and effortless execution through single clicks in either direction.

All ZG21 models are available on, the adidas app and at select retail partners.