Andrew Johnston Receives Recognition As Most Innovative In Golf

16 Mar 2022

Sentosa Golf Club's GM Recognised For Moving Industry Forward

Andrew Johnston, the General Manager, Director of Agronomy and Resident Golf Course Designer at Sentosa Golf Club, and the person seen as the driving force behind changing the golf industry’s response to climate change, has been being named as one of the ‘Most Innovative People in Golf’.

Featuring in a list of nine people by Golf Inc. magazine, Johnston was credited for his culture-building leadership, pioneering methodologies in waste management and an agronomic best practices strategy, all of which have helped Sentosa Golf Club fast become recognised as the world’s most sustainable golf club.

Johnston has worked under the guidance of Arnold Palmer, Gene Bates and other industry leaders, and is revered for his work in inspiring the international golf community to act against climate change, with the likes of Ireland’s prestigious Portmarnock Golf Club, and European Golf Design, following in Sentosa’s footsteps.

Under Johnston’s guidance, the team at Sentosa Golf Club has become a powerhouse of Asian Golf, defined by its state-of-the-art agronomy programme and ‘Tournament Ready’ conditioning all year round across both its two world-class championship golf courses, The Serapong and The Tanjong.

Johnston has been able to create five-star conditioning with an environmentally sustainable platform at Sentosa, and a number of innovative and forward-thinking initiatives implemented help reduce the Club’s overall carbon footprint.

Many of these initiatives under Sentosa’s GAME ON sustainability campaign are now being mirrored by golf clubs around the world, as the industry looks to future proof the sport for generations to come.

Johnston was quick to credit his team at Sentosa Golf Club, saying: “I am extremely proud and honoured to have been selected by Golf Inc. Magazine in their list of Most Innovative People in Golf, but the overall success showcased at Sentosa Golf Club is down to the collective culture of the team, not individuals. It takes a great team to build the foundations for success and without their support and hard work we would not be in a position to make a difference through our ongoing environmental strategy.

“We will continue to think outside the box as we look to unveil the next stages on our sustainability journey by working closely with our owners and partners to promote action against climate change, both in Singapore and the golf industry.”

Sentosa Golf Club President, Andrew Lim, also added: “The work undertaken by Andy and the team at the Club over the last few years has been nothing short of inspirational. The way in which the team has driven our ongoing sustainability agenda forward on a daily basis has helped to increase not only Sentosa Golf Club’s global status but also continues to promote Singapore’s green agenda too. I speak on behalf of all our members and guests in saying that we look forward to seeing where the Club’s journey takes us over the next decade under Andy’s leadership.”