Auspicious Eyes

01 Jan 2020

Red, a celebratory colour representing luck, good fortune and prosperity. And with the Chinese New Year just around the corner, it gives us a great reason to upgrade our wardrobe collection with a flash of red, river of gold, or a dash of white and blue, for the rats.rn

Prosper in Redrn

An inspiring blend of contemporary creativity and shapes with a touch of pop that gives off a playful yet vibrant and auspicious twist to these sunglasses as it emphasises the personality of the wearer and adds the finishing touch to your look.rn


Miu Miu


River of Goldrn

Gold, another auspicious colour that symbolises wealth and fortune in Chinese culture. These luxurious and bold details that evokes a refined elegance while symbolising wealth, definitely excellent pairs for this Chinese New Year.rn

Dolce & Golbani

Giorgio Armani

Dolce & Golbani

For the Rats: White & Bluern

The Year of the Rat 2020 signifies a year of new beginnings, opportunities, love, success and money. The Rat expresses that the water element, represented by the blue colour, signifies the beginning of a new day. With this in mind, the colour white and blue are seen as predominant and lucky colours to have around to attract luck, prosperity and health.

Dolce & Golbani

Giorgani Armani

Oliver’s people