Brasserie Les Saveurs

23 Mar 2020

Brasserie Les Saveurs of The St. Regis Singapore, brings diners an indelible French brasserie-style experience with the unveiling of its new à la carte menu under the culinary finesse of Executive Chef Thibault Chiumenti, who honed his craft at the 2 Michelin Star L ‘Espadon at the Ritz Paris, and under the careful tutelage of renowned French chef Daniel Boulud in New York. With a focus on the seasonality and sustainability of ingredients, expect traditional dishes imbued with the rich, familiar flavours of France.

Begin your gastronomy journey with a party entrée of Pâté en Croûte. A labour of love, Chef Thibault’s rendition of the pastry-enveloped terrine comprises pork and foie gras pâté flavoured with pistachios, herbs and onion compote, served chilled for the fullest flavour.

Crustacean fans will thoroughly enjoy the cold entrée of Salade de Crabe. Sweet, succulent Alaskan king crab is the highlight of this refreshingly crisp salad tossed with remoulade, dill, yoghurt dressing and flavourful paprika mayonnaise.

The Escargots de Bourgogne has Burgundy snails poached in a court bouillon then baked in an aromatic spread of garlic butter, parsley and bread crumbs, allowing the buttery sauce to melt completely into the meat. Best savoured alongside a gratifying glass of Chablis.

Vibrant yet traditional is the Coq au Vin en Cocotte; chicken braised slowly in red wine to yield a luscious sauce brimming with soft, tender meat and a mélange of seasonal vegetables.

Another delight from southern France is the Cassoulet en Cocotte. A dish bubbling with pork belly, sausage and duck confit, laid over a bed of paimpol beans in resplendently rich flavours, topped with a crispy coating of breadcrumbs akin to mac and cheese.

Large dining parties rejoice in the exquisite meat of the Côte de Bœuf, robustly flavoured beef prime rib paired with roasted garlic potatoes, green beans, mushrooms and green peppercorn béarnaise sauce.

Similarly impressive is the Bar en Croûte de Sel, whole sea bass baked in a salt crust; moist, sweet flaky goodness served with a tangy beurre blanc sauce for further intense flavour.

For a sweet ending, choose from the delectable classic Crème Brûlée or the richness of Moelleux au Chocolat with its decadent, gooey dark chocolate core, paired with vanilla bean ice cream. A Lighter alternative is Mille-Feuille Traditionnel Vanille, vanilla bean sweet cream set in layers of delicate Napoleon pastry.

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