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Callaway Rogue ST Fairway Woods & Hybrids

14 Apr 2022

Batwings And Tungsten Add Yardage From the Fairway

Before the advent of the hybrid, Callaway pioneered forgiving and easy launching high-lofted fairway woods like the Heavenwood and Divine Nine for golfers who had trouble launching irons. No other major manufacturer had as many fairway woods with such varied lofts in their lineup, and it was a simple but revolutionary solution at the time from visionary founder Ely Callaway. It isn’t a far stretch to say then that Callaway’s new Rogue ST fairway woods will fit a wide range of players seeking speed, forgiveness, and all-around performance.

Rogue ST Fairways
A replacement for the Mavrik range, Callaway says the Rogue ST fairway woods are up to 10 yards longer with the new Batwing A.I. Jailbreak. Like the driver, a Tungsten Speed Cartridge plus an A.I. Face feature alongside a high strength Flash Face Cup for speed and spin consistency.

A.I. Jailbreak has been redesigned to promote speed and stability. Two Jailbreak batwings pushed to the perimeter provide stiffness while still allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds.

A 28g Tungsten Speed Cartridge introduced for the first time in a Callaway fairway wood pushes the CG low and forward for lower spin and more speed. Since most impacts occur very low on the face with fairway woods, Callaway has prioritised performance from the centre of the face to low centre, and the low heel and the low toe. And while it isn’t visible, weight in the rear of the club maintains forgiveness. The result is a higher launch without excessive spin.

The A.I. face is now optimised to include three factors instead of one – speed, launch and spin. Each face pattern is unique and customised for each specific model and loft.

The C300 maraging steel high strength Flash Face Cup wraps around the sole and topline to provide speed and spin consistency across the face.

Rogue ST Max fits the widest range of players in a mid-launch offering with a slight draw bias. The enlarged head offers high forgiveness on off-centre hits and features models from a 3-wood through 11-wood.
Lofts: 15o, 16.5o, 18o, 20o, 21o, 24o, 27o

Rogue ST Max D is the highest launching and most draw biased model. It fights slices through more weight in the heel, a slightly closed face, and a more upright lie angle. Lofts that are a degree higher help create the highest launch in the line, particularly for slower swings.
Lofts: 16o, 19o, 22o

Rogue ST Max LS features a deeper face with a compact head especially suited for better players, yielding a neutral flight with the lowest spin. The 28g Tungsten Speed Cartridge pushes the CG forward for low spin, while the shape and face profile promote a fade-bias.
Lofts: 13.5o, 15o, 16.5o, 18o

Rogue ST Hybrids
Four models prevail in the Rogue ST hybrid lineup – two super-game-improvement in the Max OS and Max OS Lite, the strong lofted and distance focused Max, and the more unconventional wood-like profile, neutral flighted and workable Pro.

Jailbreak ST, the high strength A.I.-designed Face Cup and precision tungsten weighting are all there for speed and forgiveness. However, the smaller profile of the Rogue ST hybrids compared to the fairway woods do dictate some differences.

The Jailbreak structure is now pushed to the extremes of the toe and heel for better face flex. Up to 24g of precision tungsten positioned in the sole and toward the toe counteracts a hybrid’s tendency to hook, creating a more stable head on mishits that generates more consistent speed and balanced spin. The strong 455 steel alloy cupface now wraps around the toe as well, further expanding and improving flexing across the face.

Rogue ST MAX is a game improvement model designed for longer distances with slightly stronger lofts. It features an iron-like shape with a refined sole for better turf interaction.
Lofts: 18o, 20o, 23o, 26o

Rogue ST MAX OS falls into the super game-improvement category and features an oversized head for confidence, increased forgiveness and a draw bias. The refined sole construction promotes better turf interaction and versatility. Loft offerings extend from a 3 hybrid to an 8 hybrid.
Lofts: 19o, 21o, 24o, 24o, 27o, 30o, 33o

Rogue MAX OS Lite is a lightweight super game improvement hybrid option ideal for slower swingers seeking swing speed. Easy to swing, the MAX OS Lite has a lighter swingweight of only C4, compared to the D1 of the ST MAX OS. From the 3-hybrid to 8-hybrid, lofts are three degrees weaker to help with a higher launch. Callaway says MAX OS Lite is most beneficial to women and senior golfers.
Lofts: 21o, 24o, 27o, 30o, 33o, 36o

Rogue ST Pro is a compact fairway wood with a shallow face, and neutral CG for the better player who likes to shape his ball flight. The enhanced sole camber promotes better turf interaction and versatility.
Lofts: 18o, 20o, 23o