Cobra King SpeedZone Fairways And Hybrids

23 Mar 2020

Golf companies have come to recognise that no one size fits all, and their especially obvious answer in 2020 is the offering of up to three different models of the same driver, each designed to answer the needs of a specific type of golfer.

Not only has Cobra Golf embraced the notion with two versions of the Speedzone driver, they’ve expanded that philosophy to include their fairway woods, and designed three different versions with the Speedzone , Speedzone Tour and Speedzone Big Tour; each of which feature the same Speedzone technology albeit with differing performance characteristics for each specific type of golfer.

Speedzone Fairway

Lofts: 3FW (13-16O), 5FW (17-20O), 7FW(21-24O)

Shafts: High launch/mid spin UST Helium 4, mid launch/mid spin MCA Tensei AV Blue 65; Fujikura Speeder Evolution V (Asian spec)

20+ premium shaft offerings available through custom

The King Speedzone Fairway is the more traditional design with back weighting and a slightly shallower face for easy launch, higher trajectories and maximum forgiveness that yields increased distance. Think point-and-shoot with little loss of distance on mishits.


Speedzone Tour Fairway

Lofts: 3FW (12.5-15.5O), 4FW (16-19O)

Shafts: low launch/low spin Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 (S and XS),  Fujikura Speeder Evolution V (Asian spec)

The King Speedzone Tour Fairway features a compact shape, with forward CG weighting, designed for better players that desire low spin, a more piercing trajectory and workability. For the artist who skilled enough to carve shots around doglegs and trees.

Speedzone Big Tour Fairway

Lofts: 3FW (12-15O)

Shafts: low launch/low spin Project X HZRDUS Yellow 70 (S and XS),  Fujikura Speeder Evolution V (Asian spec)

The Speedzone Big Tour Fairway has largest profile of the three with practically non-existent baffler rails, a stronger loft, forward CG weighting, and near zero CG, for the optimal combination of fast ball speed, high launch and low spin for extreme distance. Consider this  the next closest thing to hitting a driver off the deck.


All three fairway options feature Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos which allows golfers to track the accuracy and distance of every shot using the Arccos Caddie app on their smart device.

Also common to each Speedzone fairway are the optimized four key zones  to deliver the best combination of distance, forgiveness and accuracy.


Power – The only forged CNC Milled Face in a fairway wood allows for a thinner and hotter face up to five times more precise than traditional hand polishing, to consistently produce a club face that is right up to the legal limit of speed

Flex – The new semi-hollow split Baffler Rails flex more at impact while still preventing the leading edge from digging. The resulting 70% larger sweet spot from heel to toe produces more flection for ball speed and higher launch.

Stability – Dual Baffler Rails maintain stability and speed through the turf, so the club glides effortlessly out of any lie for more club and ball speed at impact.

Light – An ultralight carbon fiber crown frees up 10 grams of weight that is used to lower the CG for higher launch with increased forgiveness.


Finally, MyFly with SmartRail™ technology delivers a choice of five loft settings and three draw settings to help manage trajectory and launch while Smart Rail™ keeps the face square whatever the loft setting.

Speedzone Hybrid

Lofts: 2H (17O), 3H (19O), 4H (21O) and 5h (24O)

Shafts: UST Recoil 480 ESX, Cobra Speeder Evolution V (Asian spec)


Speedzone One Length Hybrid

Lofts: 3H (19O), 4H (21O) and 5H (24O),

Shaft: UST Recoil 480 ESX, Cobra Speeder Evolution V (Asian spec)


Complementing the fairways are the new King Speedzone Hybrids available in regular or One Length designs. The One Length Hybrids share the same performance boosting technologies as the traditional length hybrids do, in Cobra’s patented One Length configuration, where each hybrid features a 7-iron length. The idea is to simplify a players’ game by using one familiar and therefore repeatable set-up and swing, giving them 7-iron consistency in their hybrid.


Again, engineers optimised specific zones of the construction to engineer the highest level of performance in a hybrid.

  • Hollow Split Rails allows for more flex than solid rails, creating a larger hot spot for higher launch and increased distance.
  • Back weighting that’s concentrated low and rearwards, creating higher launch, more spin, towering trajectories and maximum carry.
  • The Forged E9 Face features a high-strength 455 stainless steel forged face that can be designed thinner for increased ball speed.
  • A Refined Shape that is slightly larger than a traditional hybrid features a high MOI for increased forgiveness on off-center hits, along with a square leading edge to improve alignment and accuracy.
  • Cobra Connect tracks your accuracy, distance and overall performance using the Arccos Caddie app on your smart device.