Cobra Puma Golf 2016 Trade Show

17 Feb 2016

Cobra Puma Golf, a leader in golf club and apparel innovation and performance, held a Southeast Asian trade show recently to feature its line of 2016 products. The event was held at The Mines Resort and Golf Club, with about 100 guests gracing the event. The attendees include exclusive dealers, distributors and members of the media from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Myanmar.

Key highlight of the trade show include the unveiling of the brand new KING F6+ and KING F6 family of products. The new driver, KING F6+, features a CarbonTrac weighing system in the sole that houses a sliding weight, providing the lowest centre of gravity (CG) and most drastic adjustability of any current driver in the market. On the other hand, the F6 Driver features a dual position front-to-back CG with 10 and 3-gram flip weights. This system delivers the ultimate blend of distance and extreme forgiveness, increased ball speeds, lower spin and optimal launch angles.
In addition, the trade show released the new KING LTD Driver. Fuelled by research in space, KING LTD consists of a revolutionary SpacePort design.

This allows the brand’s R&D team to strategically position the CG and COBRA Golf’s key internal speed and stability technologies visible for the first time. COBRA Golf has partnered The Centre for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and Nanoracks LLC to gather inspiration from the Space Station’s cupola module. PUMA Golf’s Autumn Winter’ 16 Collection was presented at the trade show, complementing the golf equipment at hand. The new collection features a unique blend of function and style incorporating novelty textures and patterns, maximum breathability, comfort and optimum performance in various conditions. As the year 2015 comes to an end, the unveiling of COBRA PUMA n Golf’s 2016 products is essential to meet the needs of the fast growingsport in Southeast Asia. The new golf equipment will be available to the Southeast Asian market in early 2016, while Puma’s AW16’ Collection starts retailing in June.