16 Apr 2024

Cobra Golf’s DARKSPEED irons offers the ultimate in speed, distance and feel.

OBRA Golf took a cue from metal woods construction and incorporated it in the new DARKSPEEDTM Irons to provide the ultimate combination of speed, distance, and feel. The new irons feature an all-new hollow body construction filled with feel enhancing foam, as well as re-engineered PWR- BRIDGETM and PWRSHELLTM technologies to create COBRA’s longest, best feeling game improvement iron to date.

The new hollow body construction creates a thinner and more responsive clubhead structure that unlocks up to 25 per cent more face flection for faster ball speeds and longer distance. To achieve enhanced sound and feel, the hollow body of the new DARKSPEED irons is injected with foam microspheres, which expand to fill the internal cavity. Once injected the foam supports the PWR-BRIDGE weight while also providing vibration-dampening properties for a soft feel and pleasing sound.

The progressive TECFLOTM further optimises performance through the set with a progressive construction that transitions from a full hollow design with PWR-BRIDGE and PWRSHELL in the 4 to 7 irons, to full hollow body with no face insert in the 8-PW, to a half hollow design in the GW-SW.

“When we think about distance irons, COBRA has always been a leader in the category. We have upped the ante with DARKSPEED for out of this world speed, with even better feel,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President, Club R&D, COBRA Golf. “This truly is one of the best feeling irons we have ever created.”

The innovative PWR-BRIDGE weight in the new DARKSPEED irons is suspended on a small singular post, allowing it to be almost completely free floating within the hollow clubhead. This performance-enhancing design positions the centre of gravity lower for an optimal launch while creating an improved face and sole that helps increase ball speed and launch.

In addition, the DARKSPEED irons feature a thinner (1.6mm) and 21 per cent larger PWRSHELL H.O.T. FaceTM (Highly Optimized Topology) insert that takes ball speed to the next level. An L-Cup construction also boasts a new and improved H.O.T. Face pattern, designed using A.I., for a faster and more efficient clubface. H.O.T. Face was designed to produce the optimal variable thickness pattern for a larger sweet spot and improved speed on both center and off-center hits.

The new DARKSPEED Irons are available in both Variable and ONE Length options, allowing players to choose between a traditional setup or a ONE Length configuration. The DARKSPEED Variable Length irons are available in a 5-PW (Steel – SGD$1599, Graphite – SGD$1699) set composition for US spec and 6-PW ((Steel – SGD$1399, Graphite – SGD$1499) for the Asian spec.

Each steel option comes standard with premium aftermarket KBS® Tour Lite 105g shafts (regular and stiff flex) and Lamkin® Crossline grips. The stock graphite offering is an aftermarket KBS® PGI (85 – Stiff flex; 75 – Regular flex; 65 – Lite flex, 55 in Ladies flex). Elevate MOH 95 and Speeder NX for COBRA will be the stock option for Asian spec steel and graphite offerings.

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