Dunlop XXIO – How Sweet The Spot

11 Jan 2024

XXIO begins 2024 by rolling out its new range of clubs built on the premise of enlarging the sweet spot for all.


XXIO from Dunlop has been making premium clubs for golfers for all abilities for some time now, and they’ve always been pushing the frontiers of technology in helping people play to their best abilities. In 2024, their focus has been to enhance the sweet spot on all hybrids and woods with the evolution of BiFlex Face technology.

Higher and farther are the aims of the new range, with BiFlex Face providing 125 per cent higher coefficient of restitution (COR) compared to the last generation of XXIO 13 and XXIO X clubs. At the heart of this technology is a strong frame built around a flexible face with strategically positioned reinforced locations that optimises ball speed across the face.


With BiFlex Face technology, the toe’s edge is stretched and rounded, strengthening the frame’s rigidity, and the heel’s edge is narrowed and sharpened to support the face’s structural integrity to increase in rebound effect and increased ball speeds. Optmising the balance between face height and edge roundness on both toe and heel further helps increase ball speed.

As a result, the XXIO 13 clubs promise an increase of 125 per cent in higher COR compared to the previous model, and the XXIO X boasts a 143 per cent improvement.


XXIO’s ActivWing concept complements the BiFlex Face by utilising aerodynamic forces to help stabilise the downswing, making it easier to hit the sweet spot. The unique construction design at the top of the club increases air resistance on the start of the downswing, stabilising the clubhead positioning. Then in the second half of the downswing, it helps maintain clubhead speed as it guides the club towards an optimal strike angle. As a result, there is an increase of 12 per cent in drag force and 8 per cent of lift force in the first half of the downswing, and 11 per cent tighter face angle variance, and 11 per cent tighter impact matrix on the face in the second half for enhanced ball speeds.

XXIO 13 Driver, 13 Woods, X Driver, X Woods

Other technological features include a Rebound Frame with four alternating layers of flexible and rigid zones to enhance overall COR, a thinner and lighter crown that repositions the centre of gravity lower and increasing moment of inertia, a Flat Cup Face with a larger, thinner centre, and a six-section bulge and roll design for forgiveness.

The XXIO 13 driver is packed with these technologies in a traditionally shaped design. Weight Plus Technology further positions weight in the butt-end of the shaft, under the grip and hands, making it easier on the takeaway, and easier to release the club through the downswing. The driver comes with the XXIO MP1300 graphite shaft made of Torayca T1100G carbon fibre with advanced Nanoalloy resin matrix that provides high stability in a lightweight package.

For those with higher swing speeds, and preferring a more penetrating trajectory, the XXIO X driver promises longer carry distances. The club comes with a square face angle on setup, and a black pearl with PVD construction with light blue lines. The QTS Sleeve Fitting System provides for 12 different positions for fine-tuning the face, lie and loft angles. The accompanying Miyazaki AX-3 graphite shaft also possesses the combination of Torayca T1100G and Nanoalloy materials for improved swing and control performances.

In the XXIO 13 Ladies woods, apart from BiFlex Face technology, the new Cannon Sole helps position centre of gravity low for optimal launch and distance. The unique shape of the sole allows XXIO to place mass where needed without impeding the club’s face flexibility. This helps the club attain higher launch trajectories, and a 107 per cent increase in COR compared to the previous model.

XXIO 13 Hybrids

Cannon Sole and BiFlex Face is also found in the XXIO 13 and XXIO X hybrids. In addition to the Rebound Frame, the lightweight crown in the hybrids is stepped to enhance face flex while lowering the mass and centre of gravity for higher launch and greater carry. Flat Cup Face and ActivWing technologies are further reinterpreted in the hybrids as well to enhance ball speed and making it easier to hit the sweet spot.

If you struggle to get your ball in the air with your irons, the new XXIO 13 Irons low centre of gravity and lightweight swing feel can be your solution. This four-piece construction iron incorporates a high-density, tungsten-nickel weight to lower centre of gravity, and a thin, high-strength titanium face for higher, straighter launch. The L-shaped groove at the bottom of the club, together with new grooves in the outer periphery of the clubhead, improves face COR for added ball speed.

XXIO 13 Irons, 13 Ladies Irons, X Irons

Better players might prefer the XXIO X irons with lower offset, and a sleeker profile. A thinner, forged face with mainframe grooves milled onto its back side combines with a larger, high-density tungsten-nickel weight for higher ball flight and improved speed and distance. The forged, high-strength HT1770 steel used in the clubface provides that buttery feel on contact is just reward for well hit shots.

The 2024 XXIO 13 Ladies irons don’t shy away from the brand’s latest technologies as well. Like the men’s clubs, the irons boast four-piece construction with a thin, high-strength titanium face, with hollow po9rtions of the heel that allow for a larger, high-density, tungsten-nickel toe weight that helps optimise centre of gravity for higher launch. Similarly, the L-shaped groove at the bottom of the iron improves face COR.