Ecco Vitrus Mondial

11 May 2020

Sleek Scandinavian Style And Comfort


It was Fred Couples who while looking to ease back pain wore a pair of the Ecco spikeless hybrid at the 2010 Masters, forever more breaking the mould of what defines a golf shoe.

Beyond the spikeless hybrid, the company’s Scandinavian roots inspire their philosophy of classic shoe forms refined and made with exceptional quality, combining style and comfort.

In a breakthrough for men’s formal footwear, Ecco’s Vitrus Mondial is a sleek European dress shoe engineered with revolutionary technology. It’s the first shoe in the Vitrus  line to combine innovation with a full leather outsole, so the modern businessman can walk with delight in this blend of elegance and comfort.

Apart from the Vitrus Mondial, the range includes the new styles of the Vitrus I, a modern twist on the rugged side of British shoemaking traditions, as well as the Vitrus  III and the Vitrus Artisan.

Urban professionals confident in their impeccable style with no need for flash will be drawn to the Mondial. The traditional leather outsole and a sophisticated upper fashioned from luxuriously rich, premium Ecco leather add to the timeless hand-crafted aesthetic of a shoe with a slim silhouette.

With no compromise on comfort typically associated with formal footwear, the Vitrus Mondial is engineered using Ecco’s Fludiform Direct Comfort Technology to deliver a finely- tuned balance of cushioning and rebound, as well as a natural fit and feel. This is achieved  through an anatomical last that follows the natural curves of the foot, an integrated heel support with Ecco’s revolutionary Vitrus shank technology and a moulded inlay sole.

Offered in a new formal Ecco Box Calf leather crafted in Ecco’s own tanneries in both timeless and seasonal colours, the Vitrus Mondial wears well in formal settings, from a client meeting to the airport departure lounge, to a formal dinner.

Such leather-soled elegance is made possible with Ecco’s Vitrus Intarsio sole that allows for unlimited interpretations of fully crafted soles, with the stacked leather heel and leather outsole that gives the Mondial its attractive, bench- made look.

Other refinements for a truly premium look and feel include a new slimmer Vitrus silhouette, a full leather lining, a new double-buckle design, as well as new laces which are waxed, flat, and thin.