18 Mar 2024

Cleveland’s new HALO fairways, hybrids and irons give mid-handicappers better chances to manage their games.

Cleveland Golf’s reputation in giving recreational golfers the best chance at improving continues with the launch of the new HALO range of fairway woods, hybrids and even irons. The key highlights for the brand that’s owned by sport mega-house Dunlop are taking tried and tested technologies and enhancing them with the advancements in material science and computer-aided prowess.

Hitting fairway woods from the deck is one of the many reasons why average golfers chalk up high scores. The Cleveland HALO XL Fairway Woods addresses this with a list of features to help this group of golfers get the ball up in the air, and on line.

The GlideRail is a design on the sole of the club that incorporates large, tapered rails that help deliver optimal ball striking and clean turf interaction. Each rail is designed to gently glide straight through the turf so you can maintain clubhead speed and keep a square face through impact. Plus, they’re super helpful from the rough or any tough lie.

The MainFrame XL feature uses a variable thickness face pattern that expands and reshapes the sweet spot for more energy transfer across the face. Inside the clubhead, Al helped us figure out the best spot to place weight pads for long, high-launching ball flight. Working with this, the XL Head Design allows  more mass to be shifted away from the centre of the club, thus increasing moment of inertia (MOI), and increasing forgiveness and consistency. The HiBore Crown Step further brings the centre of gravity (CG) lower for longer, straighter ball flight, and the deeper face creates a larger and more forgiving striking area.

HALO XL Fairway Woods

HALO XL Fairway Woods also come with Rebound Frame, adding another ring of flexibility that sits just behind the face, supported by extra stiffness in the rear of the clubhead. At impact, these dual flex zones activate simultaneously, increasing the amount of energy transferred into the ball.

To add to the feel, an Action Mass CB of 8g counterweight is added to the end of the shaft near the top of the grip. This added weight helps to make the club feel lighter, promoting a more stable, controlled backswing. It also helps promote a more inside swing path, squarer club face through impact, and, ultimately, straighter shots.

Cleveland HALO XL Fairway Woods are available in 3 (15-degree), 5 (18-degree), 7 (21-degree), and 9-wood (24-degree) variants.

If you’re torn between a fairway wood and a hybrid, the Cleveland HALO XL HY-Wood just may be your answer to more consistent golf and lower scores. This hybrid of a hybrid, if you will, sits in the space between the two by combining hybrid swing feel with fairway wood distance. All the key features of the HALO Fairway Woods are found in the HY-Wood – Gliderail, MainFrame XL, XL Head Design, Rebound Frame, and Action Mass CB – which is designed in between the size of a wood and a hybrid to fit those looking for a compromise.


The HALO XL HY-Wood comes in 3 (18-degrees), 4 (21-degree), 5 (24-degree), 6 (27-degrees) and 7 (30-degree) variants.

Middle to high handicap golfers can always do with irons that have a wider sole to help with better turf action, and cleaner ball contact. The new HALO XL Full-Face Irons help do this important job with their uniquely designed soles and head construction.

Bigger is better runs the understanding for this category of golfer, and these clubs help to do the job. Using a multi-step AI computing process, Cleveland simulated thousands of the most common strikes across the club face, emphasised the impact locations, and evaluated the performance characteristics.

As a result, they’ve created a variable thickness face design – MainFrame Face – hat enlarged and reshaped the sweet spot for boosted ball speeds across the entire striking area. They’ve also used artificial intelligence to identify the best location inside the club to locate the placement of unique weight pads for maximum forgiveness.


HALO XL Full-Face irons boast full-face grooves that run from hosel to toe giving a striking area that’s up to 20 percent larger than last generation. The two-groove alignment system – white grooves at the bottom-centre, and the shorter, lower ones below – aids consistency at the setup.

HydraZip for HALO XL Irons uses a dynamic blast system designed to maximise spin in wet or dry conditions, and from anywhere around the green. The 4 to 7-irons use a rougher face blast to minimise excess spin for improved carry distances, while the 8 to SW have a slightly smoother blast, to promote better spin consistency.

A larger, Hybrid-Iron profile allows us to shift more mass away from HALO XL’s centre, increasing MOI and optimising the CG. The irons also use three different sole designs within the set – GlideRail soles in the 4 to 7 irons; V-Shaped soles in the 8 and 9 irons; and Three- Tiered Soles for maximum forgiveness in the short game in the PW to SW.

The HALO XL Full-Face Irons come in 4 (20-degree) to 9 iron (38-degree), PW (43-degree), GW (48-degree), and SW (54-degree).

Launcher XL Driver


In golf, length and size matters. That’s why the all-new Cleveland Launcher XL2 Driver (available in 9, 10.5 and 12-degree) gives you better chances to hit those bombing drives. The club has all the XL blend of technologies to help you hit it farther than you ever have.

Artificial intelligence technology in the MainFrame XL clubhead help to create a variable thickness face design that enlarged and reshaped the sweet spot for an improved energy transfer across the face, delivering powerful ball speeds and distance. Weight was also saved by using an extremely thin crown that’s supported by a strong, lightweight framework beneath. With these savings, MainFrame’s AI-driven simulations allowed more discretionary mass low and deep in the clubhead, optimising the Driver’s CG for long, high- launching ball flight.

Rebound Frame technology adds a second ring of flexibility that sits just behind the face, supported by extra stiffness in the rear of the clubhead. At impact, these dual flex zones activate simultaneously, increasing the amount of energy transferred into the ball for more ball speed and amplified distance.

Launcher XL Draw Driver

For those who struggle with hitting the middle or right side of the fairway, the Launcher XL 2 Draw Driver, with its adjustable hosel that allows the loft and lie to be finetuned, is also an option.


Cleveland Golf doesn’t shy away from the lower- handicap or aspirational golfer. The ZipCore XL Irons have a sleek profile that better players prefer, yet are also packed with Cleveland’s AI- enhanced technologies.

MainFrame uses a variable network of grooves, channels, and cavities milled into the backside of the club face on ZipCore XL’s 4 to 7 irons. This pattern helps maximise flex at impact for better coefficient of restitution (COR). MainFrame also uses weight pads to position mass low and deep, boosting MOl and optimising the CG for more forgiveness.

ZIpCore XL Irons

ZipCore replaces heavy steel in the hosel and heel of the 8 iron to SW with an extremely lightweight yet strong, vibration dampening material that helps position the CG where it matters. Coupled with the XL Head Design, ZipCore delivers an abundance of high/low and heel/toe MOl for increased forgiveness, feel, and control.

HydraZip allows for the 4 to 7 irons having a rougher face blast with wider, flatter grooves that reduce unwanted spin, and the 8 iron to SW having a smoother blast with thinner, deeper grooves to boost spin. Wedge lofts also receive laser milling for superb short- game control and better performance in wet conditions. And the V-Shaped Sole helps these irons glide through the turf without dragging. A lower trailing edge on the back end still preserves some workability for shaping shots.

Cleveland ZipCore XL Irons come in 4 (20-degree) to 9 iron (38-degree), PW (43-degree), GW (48-degree) and SW (54-degree).

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