FJ Flex XP

24 Feb 2020

Styled To Perform For The Exacting Modern Golfer Always On The Go

The Flex is FootJoy’s latest answer to the golf shoe that really can be worn off the golf course and still look the part of today’s sleek stylish trainers with no loss of performance benefits out on the fairways.

Adding to the runaway success of the Flex in the past year, the updated Flex XP now offers waterproof protection and elevated athletic styling. The completely new upper design features a premium, lightweight performance mesh upper with a one-year waterproof warranty. Now you have unrivalled versatility on any surface and in all weather conditions.

Inside the Flex XP sits all-day comfort that comes from a high-density EVA fitbed and bootie-fit construction that provides a sock-like fit. The sporty styling that reflects current trends combine with a waterproof membrane and Versa-Trax spikeless outsole, so the shoe is ready to deliver, rain or shine. On the range or on the golf course, get on a plane or go to the supermarket, and this shoe will never let you feel out of place. That’s versatility.

Versa-Trax Outsole

The innovative Versa-Trax outsole configuration is a web of multi-dimensional, strategically placed traction elements designed for on and off course wear. Multiple traction zones maximise golf performance in all conditions, producing exceptional multi-surface grip.

For specific golf performance, pointy, turf-gripping traction elements are strategically placed where the foot applies maximum pressure with the ground during the golf swing. Off-course traction on the other hand comes from the larger, flatter no-slip surfaces for traction and durability.

The synergy of both produces hybrid traction, where the mix of both on and off course traction elements are engineered to maximize traction on the course during the swing, and provide grip when walking on smooth surfaces off the course.

If the Flex XP looks comfortable, it is. All day comfort comes courtesy of the lightweight, soft foam cushioning.