Fusion Of Artistry & Science

21 Dec 2015

The MP-25 brings Mizuno’s new Boron strengthened steel to its MP forgings for the first time. Mizuno’s MP-25 is the manufacturer’s first high ball speed iron designed specifically for better players, only now possible through the use of its new Boron material. The MP-5 represents a new approach to blade design for Mizuno, featuring a channelback to deliver the stability of a small players cavity in a more precise package. The MP-5 sits neatly between its more traditional MP-4 muscle back and the new MP-25 in terms of playability and workability.

Mizuno expects the majority of its tour players to switch to one of, or a blended set of the two new MP models, both of which are produced at its prestigious Chuo Forging plant in Hiroshima Japan.