Golf Buddy Aim L20

18 Oct 2023

World's first shot tracking rangefinder.

Golf Buddy started out of Korea in 2003 with a single product called the Voice, a lightweight and matchbox- sized GPS rangefinder that fit easily onto a cap or a belt. Designed to act much like a caddy, it read out the distance to the green orally at the press of a button.

The company has come a long way since then, with rangefinder products in various categories, from wearables to handhelds, voice and laser. With the tagline ‘Accuracy Matters’. Golf Buddy’s primary goal is to provide the most accurate and innovative golf rangefinders in the market.

The Aim L20 represents the latest and best of Golf Buddy, delivering yardages in the most premium way possible. It is also the world’s first shot-tracking rangefinder that saves your shots and collates the data via the Golf Buddy app into usable statistics for review and game improvement.

Incredibly compact and about half the size of regular laser rangefinders, the Aim L20 weighs just 172 grams and presents a premium build in understated grey-black tones. All the functions golfers come to expect of a top-of-the-line laser rangefinder are there – slope, vibration and pin seeking functions are standard.

Where the GolfBuddy Aim L20 shines is with the OLED view with auto-brightness levels and Zero-Second Tech+ for almost instantaneous target acquisition in 0.15 seconds, effectively measuring up to 800 metre targets and with a 7X optical view. For the precision golfer, the rangefinder also measures the distance while putting.

Slope mode on or off is clearly indicated by the bright 2-colour OLED display beside the lens. Green for slope on and red for slope off.

In Pin Finder mode, the unit vibrates for confirmation once it locks onto the closest target scanned, which in this case is the pin. Scan mode allows the golfer to shoot distances to multiple targets for a duration of five seconds, useful for avoiding hazards like water, bunkers and trees.

The star feature of the Aim L20 is its claim as the world’s first shot-tracking rangefinder. Bluetooth connect to the GolfBuddy GPS app on your phone to access scoring and shot statistic features. Enter hole-by-hole scores or track the number of putts.

Shot tracking can be set to manual or auto mode. A manual press of the dedicated shot button sends your current location to the app, allowing you to track how far you actually hit each of your shots, whether you found
the fairway or hit the green in regulation, for example. In auto mode, taking a measurement each time automatically transmits your position to the app without having to press the shot button again, saving you time and effort with just a single press.

The GolfBuddy Aim L20 is IPX4 rated for water resistance, and a C-type charging port charges the lithium- ion battery for at least 4000 times. Included are a carrying case, USB-C charging cable, lens cloth and manual.

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