Ichigo Ichie

08 Apr 2022

An Artful Kappo Encounter For A Lifetime

The Japanese precept of turning fleeting encounters into cherished moments, of valuing trust and giving back, find exquisite expression in the creations of Chef Akane Eno. At Ichigo Ichie, fine-dining kappo cusine weaves authentic Japanese flavours, driven by quality seasonal ingredients, into intimate personal celebrations of the passing encounter between chef and diner.

Inspired by these sentiments, Chef Eno ensures each meal is unique and specific, with staff even making a note of a guest’s likes and dislikes to fine-tune subsequent dinings to be more in harmony with the guest’s tastes and preference.

Chef Eno’s dual passions for art and food are brought together as her background in art history adds depth and value to her work through the study and understanding of ingredients and traditional techniques. With each dish, she applies inspired strokes to flavour pairings grounded in Japanese traditions, yet original.

The decor draws parallels with an art gallery. A miniature gallery displays pieces from Chef Eno’s personal collection, as well as other fine Japanese crafts. The dining area’s warm wood and neutral colours contrast with polished dark stone, steel, and glass in the modern kitchen beyond the counter. For a better appreciation Chef Eno’s kappo creations, the counter seats 10 persons, while two separate dining tables intimately seat parties of two and four.

Iga Beef & Tomato Sukiyaki

Only cooking what she enjoys eating, Chef Eno draws from her cultural roots and two-decade experience in kappo, sushi, and izakaya restaurants. Unconventional elements such as cream cheese, curry leaves, and maqaw peppers combine seamlessly with Japanese cooking techniques, creating a kappo experience uniquely hers.

A signature dish on the menu, Cold Ebi Somen consists of Japanese prawn, Miwa somen, prawn broth, tonburi, yuzu and chilli paste, and is inspired by the different prawn noodles in Asia.

Sautéed Awabi with Rice Cracker, a dish from Chef Eno’s mentor, Master Chef Furusawa, features abalone, seasonal vegetables, rice puff, and nori. To preserve the charms of the whole abalone, especially its taste and texture, rice puff is added to soak up the liver sauce.

Donabe is the highlight of a Japanese meal, and Chef Eno enjoys the sight of customers’ faces when the seasonal claypot dish is opened in front of them, remembering the experience herself.

At Ichigo Ichie, the concept of sanpō yoshi helps nurture a pattern of giving and gaining with suppliers and guests, for the benefit of all. As such, Miwa Somen is produced by Miwa Yamakatsu, a sixth- generation noodle maker in Nara. Another example is Iga Beef, which is extremely limited in supply to less than 2,000 wagyu cattle per year. Sake served is from the 200-year-old Kitajima Brewery in Shiga Prefecture.

Through sanpō yoshi, a private label of sake exclusive to Ichigo Ichie created by the Azumano Fumoto Sake Brewery with the bottling label designed by students from the Tōhoku University of Art & Design arrives this April. The special sake will be served as a complimentary welcome drink to all guests.

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