12 Jun 2024

Innovation and art come together in the new Honma T//World Wedges

Short game prowess takes centre stage with the new Honma T//World Wedges. And as you can expect from the premium brand, these clubs are also exquisitely crafted. Two finishes are available with this line, together with variations in bounce and grind combinations for different characteristics and wedge-swing styles.

Honma engineers designed the T//World W5 wedges with a slightly larger head size and advanced high-spin performance by incorporating design characteristics that allow golfers of varying abilities to benefit from greater spin. The increased club head size improves forgiveness with a widened sweet spot for better aim and impact.

The chrome finish model features Honma’s unique and proven-popular double milling pattern on the face which produces good “green-biting” results even on short finesse shots for optimal spin performance.

The sophisticated brushed copper finish contributes to improved feel, reduced glare, rust prevention, and a unique visual appeal. This model features a protrusion-shaped RIB positioned between the score lines by precision milling. The Full Score Line design of these wedges’ face design allows skilled wedge players to open and close the face at will and achieve a broad array of scoring shots. With grooves spanning from the heel to the toe, it is easy for golfers to use the versatile face surface with forgiveness and confidence in a variety of shot situations.

Honma’s latest advancements in its three strategic sole options, the I, C, and S are also found in the new wedges. The exclusively designed VIZARD IB Wedge Shaft comes standard in the T//W W-5 wedges for low launch angles and high spin and consistently faster dynamic face closure for consistent loft at impact. The low launch achieved by this design equals longer contact time between the ball and the face.