MCM Debuts Eco-friendly Underwear, Lounge and Sleepwear Collection

30 Mar 2020

MCM, in dedication to a healthy balance of environmentally and socially responsible practices, debuts an ethical and ecological collection of underwear.

Underlining the brand’s commitment to mankind and planet, MCM uses biodynamic Egyptian Giza cotton for its underwear and employs more ethical and ecological farming practices than conventional cotton. Not only is it the strongest and the finest yarn available, MCM is the first brand to use this superior and sustainable material for underwear.

By redefining the classic role of underwear, MCM is making traditional ‘underwear’ a key part of the contemporary wardrobe – no longer hidden underneath clothes or worn around the house and in bed, underwear is now a powerful standalone tool for individuality through freedom of expression.

The directional nature of the collection allows MCM to embrace a 21st century point of view when it comes to identity and inclusivity. Comfort is about more than the feel of the fabric, it also matters how the garment makes you feel on the inside.

Consisting of men’s and women’s classic underwear pieces including briefs, boxers, and bra tops as well as a stylish assortment of women’s leggings, crop tops and cycling shorts—all designed with comfort in mind while embracing the bold energy that has defined MCM since 1976. The colour scheme is muted but full of attitude, with underwear in strong red and blue shades, and a more classic offering of white and black also available.

Complementing the underwear offering is a range of colourful organic cotton socks featuring flashes of yellow, red, orange and pink, and showcasing the MCM logo throughout.

Also a first this season is MCM’s lounge and  sleepwear. Rooted in the brand’s travel heritage and interpreted for the modern nomad, the directional nature of the collection allows MCM to embrace a 21st century point of view when it comes to identity and inclusivity.

Designed with comfort in mind, the Mulberry silk loungewear collection includes a reversible robe, pajama sets, drawstring and sleep shorts, boxers, and sleep masks. The colour scheme is classic and full of attitude, all in an eye-catching cognac with black accents. Each piece showcases the MCM logo throughout or the MCM signature Visetos print.

A bold assortment of versatile styles that can be worn “under” or styled as powerful separates – boundless and truly inclusive – these lightweight, comfortable and easily packable styles are essential to the wardrobe of a contemporary global nomad and their quest for individuality through travel and freedom of expression.

The campaign stars American actor and musician Quincy Taylor Brown, photographer Ilya Lipkin takes a contemporary approach, blending the visual expression of joy, freedom and pleasure during the shoot with strongly composed choreography and a high-end aesthetic.

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