Mercedes-Benz Takeover at TImbre+

26 Aug 2019

It was on a Friday night that Mercedes-Benz took the covers off the brand’s second-generation CLA for the first time at Timbre+, in an interactive launch showcase that brought the growing anticipation of the model’s local arrival to a peak. The new CLA was revealed alongside a dazzling kinetic light display, dazzling the crowd with a visual spectacle that was hard to forget, characterising the aesthetically expressive, highly intuitive and individualistic design language that has made the CLA the most successful compact car within the Mercedes-Benz stable.

On launch night, an array of exciting activities were also part of the model reveal. Well-known influencers Sonia Chew and Benjamin Kheng were also present to add to the electric atmosphere, interacting with the crowd and sharing their own experiences with the latest Mercedes-Benz’ technologies. Guests including media friends, valued customers, influencers and social contest winners, and brand ambassadors Rebecca Lim, Elvin Ng and the aforementioned Benjamin, who treated guests to an exclusive performance. Then there was a live graffiti demo by Ink&Clog, who wowed by crowd by using the new CLA as a canvas for their latest piece. The dynamic duo were spraying and painting on the CLA all through the night while guests mingled, presenting their final masterpiece at the end of the night to everyone’s awe and disbelief. It was a good night to be had, everyone who attended left in high spirits.


This exciting launch marks a new chapter in the already successful story of the Mercedes-Benz CLA thus far. The second-generation CLA wowed crowds with the evolution of the model’s characteristic design and its fresh injection of Mercedes-Benz latest bevy of driving and assistive technologies. Chief among which is MBUX, Mercedes-Benz User Experience, a perfect companion made for today’s digitally-savvy drivers looking to live life by their own rules.

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