Min Jiang At Dempsey

14 Oct 2020

Deep fried crabmeat with chicken liver and salted egg yolk

As part of Goodwood Park Hotel’s 120th anniversary year-long celebrations, Min Jiang at Dempsey presents ‘Renditions of Local Dialect Favourites’ from now till the year’s end. An ensemble of 12 traditional dishes, Master Chef Goh Chee Kong re-interprets the nostalgic flavours of comforting classics from the Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien and Teochew dialect groups.


The Hotel looks back on its illustrious past as Chef Goh also reflects on the rich amalgation of Singapore’s Chinese culinary heritage. Traditional dialect favourites have been refined, while still retaining the familiar flavours of yesteryears.

Steamed quail egg siew mai in truffle oil

Whet your appetite with the Steamed Quail Eggs ‘Siew Mai’ in Truffle Oil, a classic Cantonese dim sum that is an elaborate preparation with a delicate quail egg perfectly encased with a prawn and meat filling, Chef Goh elevates the dish with the addition of truffle oil and flying fish roe.


Usually a component in Min Jiang’s signature Heritage Platter, the Deep-fried Crabmeat with Chicken Liver and Salted Egg Yolk presented as a delectable small bite is a delicious Teochew morsel of steamed Sri Lankan crabmeat combined with egg white, then layered with grilled chicken liver and a whole salted egg yolk before it is wrapping in caul fat and deep fried.

The Traditional Salt Baked Chicken is a quintessential Hakka dish where a salt crust that isolates the marinated chicken from direct heat and yet retains moisture within during the steaming. Juicy, naturally sweet and fragrant, it is said that different households and restaurants pride themselves with their own preparation method. Here, the additional step of roasting the chicken adds a smoky char.

Pan fried beancurd and hairy gourd with stuffing

Pan-fried Duo of Beancurd and Hairy Gourd with Stuffing is inspired by the Ampang sauce found in Hakka Yong Tau Foo. Pan-fried soft tofu and hairy gourd, both stuffed with a paste of minced pork, finely chopped prawns and Chinese cabbage is doused in an aromatic fermented chilli bean paste sauce that will invoke nostalgia.

Fried rice with minced chicken in red glutinous rice wine

Another reinterpreted dish is the Fried Rice with Minced Chicken in Red Glutinous Rice Wine. The highlight is the fragrant red glutinous rice wine lees, often used as a flavour enhancer for many Hokkien dishes including the humble fried rice. In lieu of gravy, this iteration is fried dry and infused with the charred aroma of the ‘breath of the wok’.

Braised pork belly with steamed and fried buns

The Hokkien traditional dish of Braised Pork Belly with Steamed and Fried Bun is braised tender pork belly further steamed for five hours in a flavoursome gravy. For that added crunch, crispy deep-fried beancurd skin is also sandwiched within the buns.

Yam paste with gingko nuts and pumpkin

The sweet traditional ending is by way of the Teochew Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts and Pumpkin. The yam paste follows the tradition of frying with fragrant oil for an extra dimension of savouriness. It is then accompanied by a pumpkin-shaped deep-fried glutinous rice ball with red bean filling.