22 Apr 2024

Craftsmanship and technology come together in the new Honma Beres 09 collection.

Honma golf clubs have earned a reputation as those commanding high prices because of their performance qualities. Now, they’ve combined great craftsmanship with technological advances to help golfers navigate the challenges of the game as well.

Japan’s original golf manufacturer has put together the new Honma Beres 09 range that feature deep-earth materials and cutting-edge advancements in club technology to help increase forgiveness, stability in golf shots while giving golfers enhanced confidence.

The Honma Beres 09 driver heads the line-up of clubs that provide distance and  forgiveness. The beautifully designed clubs offer high-strength, lightweight carbon on the toe side of the sole plus optimally placed additional weighting on the heel side to help maintain distance and direction on off-centre hits.

Golfers struggling with a slice will be happy with the strategically placed 10g stainless weight at the rear of the head to aid in amplifying impact and ball speed for increased distances. Repulsion and distance are further improved for longer shots through the uneven thickness and structure of the revolutionary Quad Bridge Power Face.

Honma Beres 09 drivers come in lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 degrees and are 460cc in size. As is customary of Honma clubs, several new ARMRQ shafts are available.

The 2 Star shaft are for those who prefer a long and high flight offered by a kick point closer to the butt. The 3 Star features superior head speed, lower torque and high stability thanks to the high-elasticity TORAYCA M40X material that has great fibre strength and elastic modulus. High speed and stability with low torque and a kick point placed closer to the tip are highlights in the 4 Star. And for the ultimate in long, high ball flight, the 5 star’s strengthened bias layer is designed to generate strong torsional return power.

Honma Beres 09 fairway woods are as equally finely crafted as the drivers, continuing the brand’s generations of improving metal woods technology. The 14g tungsten nickel weight placed at the back of the heel creates  power and helps to get the ball up in the air quicker, while the strategically thinned face and crown are designed with uneven thickness to expand the repulsion area for added forgiveness. Internal weighting differs in the 15-degree 3-wood and 18-degree 5-wood to fine-tune the performance required of each. The carefully placed 3-wood weighting emphasises longer carry and greater distance, while the 5-wood hones in on direction with its draw-bias design. The fairway woods are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Star ARMRQ shafts.

Honma Beres 09 hybrids fill the gap in the bag with clubs that offer accuracy and adaptability from the most challenging lies. Similar to the fairway woods, the hybrids have 14g tungsten nickel weighting on the back of the heel for high trajectory, uneven thickness face and crown for increased ball speeds and forgiveness, and variable internal weighting for ideal spin and accuracy across the various hybrid lofts.

The Beres 09 hybrids come in 3U (19 degrees loft), 4U (22 degrees), and 5U (25 degrees), and are also available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 Star ARMRQ graphite shafts.

Distance, stability and forgiveness are also the foundations for the Beres 09 irons that complete the 2024 series. The unique Semi- Circle Face Structure is designed to delivery exceptional repulsion, increased speed and distance, while offering better resistance in high-point variation for added control. The wide L-Cup clubface has also been expanded to minimise dispersion on off-centre hits and to boost flight distances.

The irons have a hollow construction with inner cavities filled with a vibration-absorbing resin that produce a solid sound on impact.

Honma Beres 09 irons come in #5 (21 degrees) to #11 (45 degrees) irons, AW (50 degrees) and SW (55 degrees), and are available in the full range of ARMRQ shafts (2, 3, 4 and 5 Star).

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