Saturday Social – GolfHub Carnival

12 Jan 2024

GolfHub's SG's informal evening introduces guests to the game at Five Iron Golf Singapore.

It didn’t matter if you’re a competitive golfer or have never picked up a club. Everyone was welcome at The GolfHub Carnival hosted by GolfHub SG co-founders Ferris Frederick Francis, Ian Tan, and Joel Armstrong who wanted to share their passion and enthusiasm for the game. GolfHub is a social golf group that connects golfers of all abilities through their online platforms.

Held on Saturday 25 November 2023, The GolfHub Carnival was held at Five Iron Golf Singapore, one of the country’s premier indoor golf lounges.
Enthusiasts and novices alike revelled in the excitement of the nine-hole four-man Scramble competition and as well as other engaging golf games, all curated by the GolfHub trio. The event was the perfect opportunity for newbies to try their hand at the addictive game of golf.

A young, hip crowd added to the vibrancy of the GolfHub Carnival

The festivities kicked off at 7pm, offering an hour of free-flow beer to set the tone. With the unique blend of competition and entertainment, The GolfHub Carnival proved to be a standout event in Singapore’s social golf calendar.

The vibrant atmosphere, accompanied by free-flowing spirits, created a memorable night of camaraderie and skilful swings.

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