25 Apr 2024

These restaurants are more than ready to welcome you and serve up a memorable dining experience — if you know where to look.


Revolver’s hidden Private Experience Room is a vision in red, making it the perfect location for those looking to host unforgettable celebrations. The spacious yet intimate setting, which is housed above the buzzing modern Indian restaurant, is clad in plush, fiery fabrics and is equipped with a fully operational bar, wine cabinet, state-of-the-art sound system, relaxing loungers, and a communal dining table. Able to comfortably host a group of 14, the secret venue is customizable for day or evening affairs and features a spread that’s specially curated for the venue.

The menu features Revolver’s best dishes, executed as a combination of individual portions and large format plates perfect for sharing. The feast starts with flavorful bites to whet the appetite, which include fresh Rock Oysters with a smokey chipotle chutney, yuzu juice, and moilee espuma, Prawn Balchao Monaka — a unique take on the Goan balchao (a tart and spicy paste), as well as Revolver’s signature tandoor-baked fresh Delhi paneer with a winter spinach mash.

These are then followed by a parade of woodfire-grilled sharing plates that will urge you to let loose and heartily feast, comprised of spiced Japanese King Crab legs, a whole French Turbot that’s portioned tableside, the showstopping Mayura Station Tomahawk, and discs of comté-stuffed Kulchette finished with truffle puree, straciatella, mushroom confit, and grated Black Perigord truffles. The feast ends on a sweet note with Japanese Musk Melon sprinkled with Chaat masala and an indulgent Saffron Cheesecake.

Visit the Revolver Private Experience Room at 56A Trast Street, 078995, Tel: 6223 2812/9668 5119. For reservations, email: reservations@


Enter the compound where one of the black and white colonial houses along Scotts Road sits and you’ll be surprised by a quaint wooden structure fashioned after a kyo machiya, or a Kyoto-style wooden townhouse. This custom-built hideout is home to AMI Patisserie, where Chef Makoto Arami brings to life European-style pastries that are made even more special with Japanese produce and influence. At the front is a 12-seater patisserie café concept, where diners can quietly and casually enjoy his signature bakes and incredibly flaky croissants, alongside aromatic coffee and tea.

Japanese Uni Brioche

Behind sleek, sliding wooden doors, venture further into the imaginative world of AMI Patisserie and make yourself comfortable in the Tsudoi (‘friendly gathering’ in Japanese) Dining Room, which is anchored by an 8-seater counter. Here, Chef Arami presents a pastry-led Chef’s Table Discovery Menu, bringing to life the concept of Tsudo — where a certain element, in this case, pastries, can be enjoyed anytime, all the time, and whenever.

Signature Choux

Start the journey with an assortment of breads like slices of sourdough and fragrant Iwa Nori Escargot Buns, followed by the Signature Choux filled with a savory egg mixture and topped with caviar. Savory creations like the Shizuoka Tomato Tartlette and Japanese Uni Brioche brings together pastry perfection with the best seasonal produce, while the Nasu Brûlée is a memorable creation that combines sweet and savory flavors through a custard base topped with binchotan-grilled Japanese eggplant, miso caramel, and a quenelle of soy and miso ice cream.

Visit AMI Patisserie at 27 Scotts Road, 228222, Tel: 8907 6146


Housed within a cosy room at the back of Hashida Singapore, Abura Kappo is a restaurant-in-restaurant concept dreamt up by Chef Kenjiro “Hatch” Hashida, who is known his for boundary-bending take on Japanese gastronomy. The unique dining space is anchored by the convergence of inspirations from around the world and interpreted through a creative Japanese lens. The result: A unique, 13-bite menu of a varying roster of specialties bound by the element of oil — an ingredient that is fundamental in most culinary endeavors.

Through Abura Kappo Vol. 1, the first menu of its kind, diners work their way through a succession of bites, with each one celebrating textures and flavors. Start with the Monaka, where crisp wafers sandwich a creamy egg custard, a combination of blue and comté cheese, mushroom sauce, and pearls of roasted beetroot and Japanese radish.

Other highlights include the Tebagyoza, where a crisp, deboned chicken wing is stuffed with glutinous rice and egg, the Wagyu Beef Tempura, which is finished with a drizzle of balsamic and pomegranate sauce and served with Sakura and red shiso salt, Soft Soba Taco made from the same flour as Japanese soba noodles, and Oden Tempura where radish and tomato are stewed in dashi and then deep-fried to perfection. The meal ends with a fun DIY maki course, as well as desserts, such as vanilla ice cream topped with shavings of shiitake mushroom-infused chocolate and dried persimmon accompanied by house-made matcha ice cream.

Visit Abura Kappo/Hashida Singapore at 77 Amoy Street, 069896, Tel: 8129 5336

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