19 Apr 2024

The Singapore Golf Association (SGA) has unveiled a new logo, reflecting the association’s dynamism and forward momentum as it strives to break new frontiers while preserving tradition.

The logo focuses on modernity, and professionalism while keeping a progressive outlook that aligns with SGA’s vision for the future of golf in Singapore.

Key elements in the logo feature upward-angled lines that show a golf ball in motion, underlining SGA’s ambitions to be a forward and relevant organisation in the everchanging golf landscape.

The greyed-out dimples represent the golf ball symbol while the Singapore map and colours from the old logo have been retained, reflecting SGA’s unchanging mission and vision.

Tan Chong Huat, President of SGA said: “We are excited to showcase reflecting the association’s the new changes to our SGA brand. This new logo will represent a fresh look and is part of our broader effort to enhance the appeal of golf to the wider community.

“It is also a key value-adding factor for SGA as we want to show the upward trajectory of SGA where all the key elements in the logo reflect SGA’s continuous improvement, advancement and elevation of the organisation in all aspects including athlete development, golfing standards and organisational excellence.”

The SGA had worked with renowned South Korean fashion designer, Song Yujin for the logo revamp, where apart from onsite branding, the logo will also be featured in SGA’s merchandise and selected apparel.

A graduate of the London College of Fashion Womenswear and London College of Fashion Womenswear, Song has participated in numerous international fashion events, including Seoul Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Shanghai Fashion Week.

She has also collaborated with various K-pop artists and actresses, including Girls Generation, IU, Hyuna, and Ko Jun Hee. In Singapore, some of her notable clients include Keppel Club and Hidden Castle Golf Club.

“It’s truly an honour and privilege to work with SGA in developing their new logo and brand guidelines. I’m confident they will appeal to the Singapore golfing community as it projects the organisation as a forward-looking one,” said Song.

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20 May 2024
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