26 Mar 2024

SGA. NTUC Club and SPGA come together for golf

The Singapore Golf Association (SGA), Singapore Professional Golfers’ Association (SPGA), and NTUC Club came together on 28 January to make golf even more accessible and inclusive for all Singaporeans when they signed a second memorandum of understanding (MOU) to solidify their efforts.

(From left) Mr Ivan Chua of SGA, Mr Lim Eng Lee of NTUC Club, and Mr Madasamy Murugiah of SPGA

Under the first MOU signed in 2021 to popularise the sport, My Golf Kaki (MGK) Academy was established to provide golfing programmes, and facilitate learning experiences for ordinary Singaporeans. My Golf Kaki is an energetic community for golfers, and it is driven by a deep passion for making golf accessible to everyone.

The latest agreement will see continued efforts, with NTUC Club leveraging on SGA’s ‘Get Golfing!’ and SPGA’s community programme to further promote its community outreach initiatives under one of its principles of collaboration.

A wide range of activities greeted participants during the My Golf Kaki Golf Carnival planned that day

MGK Academy, run by NTUC Club, will introduce various introductory golf programmes with SGA assisting in the curation golf programmes. SPGA professionals will act as golf ambassadors to engage participants. The Academy will also serve as one of the training centres for school programmes, with proficiency certificates (recognised by SGA) issued by MGK Academy.

At the MOU signing ceremony held at Orchid Country Club, Ivan Chua, Vice President of SGA, said: “From our first MOU signed in 2021 till today, we are pleased to know that more Singaporeans are interested in taking up golf through our collective efforts.

Attendees could sign up with My Golf Kaki at
the event

“Under our latest MOU with NTUC Club and SPGA, we are committed to further enhancing the mass appeal of golf through our various principles of collaboration so that more Singaporeans can enjoy the sport that we all love.”

“Through the revamped MGK, we hope to make golf more inclusive and more accessible to all,” said Mr Lim Eng Lee, CEO of NTUC Club. “The signing of the latest MOU between NTUC Club and SGA is an important step and it reaffirms our commitment to make this a reality. In the next couple of months, MGK, in collaboration with SGA and SPGA will roll out more activities and programmes for our MGK members”

The signing of the MOU was planned together with the opening of the MGK Golf Hub at Orchid Country Club

Madasamy Murugiah, President of SPGA said: “On behalf of the SPGA, we are ready to play our part in enhancing the golf ecosystem and grow its mass appeal in Singapore.

Our SPGA professionals are committed to share their knowledge and insights into the golf as we work together to achieve our common objective of further raising the popularity of golf in Singapore.”

The signing of the MOU coincided with the opening of the MGK Golf Hub at Orchid Country Club, as well as a golf carnival held at the OCC driving range.

The carnival included fun programmes and delicious treats for all attending the family-friendly gathering for everyone to begin their golf journey and explore tailor-made programmes, as well as getting exclusive membership offers with MGK. Participants also took part in Drive, Chip and Putt Fun Challenge to win prizes.

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