Titleist TS Hybrids & U-Series Utility Irons

08 Nov 2019

In golf, not all hybrids are an equal combination of metalwood and iron. Understanding that different golfers have different needs, Titleist offers a choice with their new TS hybrids that combine the explosive speed and distance of TS metalwoods with advanced technology, and the U•500 and U•510 utility irons that maximize long iron performance through increased launch, speed and forgiveness.


TS Hybrids

Born from the Titleist Speed Project, the new Titleist TS hybrids feature all the successful elements and advanced technology from the Titleist Speed Project so that “These things Go!”

These new models deliver faster ball speeds with high launch, lower spin and increased MOI for more playable distance. Stephanie Luttrell, Director, Metalwoods Development, Titleist Golf Club R&D shared, “By taking everything we learned in developing TS drivers and fairways and implementing those technologies into our hybrid platform, we’ve been able to improve our speed and distance performance while maintaining the incredible playability that makes these hybrids scoring clubs – that easy, consistent distance that launches high and lands soft, closer to the hole.” Indeed, hitting it closer equates to shooting lower scores.

Based on the hybrid platform, Titleist offers their TS hybrids in 2 distinct models, the TS2 and TS3.

The TS2 is the tremendously forgiving hybrid maximising performance for players who tend to have a sweeping delivery to the ball. With the center of gravity lower and further back, the TS2’s ease of launch and high trajectory delivers explosive distance. Its larger head profile is for players who prefer the look of a fairway metal.

On the other hand, the TS3 model is aimed at producing outstanding distance for stronger players who tend to hit down on the ball. The mid-launch trajectory is for the player seeking precise distance and iron-like control; which explains the more compact, square toe head shape for the player preferring an iron-like profile. The TS3 also offers shot-shape customization through the adjustable Magnetic SureFit CG technology in the head.

Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing said, “Pretty much every golfer we’ve had test a TS hybrid has had the same reaction – these things just go. When it comes to the world of golf clubs, hybrids don’t always generate the type of excitement you see with other categories. But with TS hybrids, our R&D team has developed a hybrid that players will start thinking about as their go-to club. A club they just can’t wait to hit.”



TS Technology

The new hybrids have a 16% thinner face than Titleist’s previous 818 hybrids, delivering faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness on mishits. Because of this, the Active Recoil Channel has been engineered away.

The new thinner face and crown resulted in weight savings that was moved down to optimise a lower center of gravity for higher launch, lower spin and increased forgiveness. This resulted in an Moment Of Inertia increase of up to 10% higher on average over the 818 hybrids, creating a powerful combination of speed and stability.

Both models feature swing weight adjustability and Titleist’s adjustable SureFit hosel with 16 independent loft and lie settings to create a more consistent and optimised ball flight.

To dial in your swing, there are numerous custom shaft options, along with the 3 stock shaft options for the TS hybrids that are true aftermarket shaft models.

KURO KAGE Dual Core Black 60 – High launch and moderate spin

TENSEI AV Series Blue 70 – Mid launch and spin

HZRDUS Smoke Black 80 – Low/mid launch and spin

Loft Options:

TS2 : 17º (RH Only), 19º, 21º, 23º, 25º, 27º

TS3 : 19º, 21º, 23º, 25º

The TS hybrids allow anyone to replace their long irons with even more forgiveness, speed, launch and precision. But for the more accomplished golfer who still prefers scalpel-like precision but needs more forgiveness than the traditional long iron offers, there is Titleist’s U-series utility irons.

U•500 and U•510 Utility Irons


According to Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing, “There are a lot of golfers out there who don’t want to play a hybrid, but are still searching for that kind of performance at the long end of their iron set. Everything that went into U500 and U510 was geared towards giving these golfers the performance, look and feel they’ve always hoped for in a long iron, and maybe didn’t think was possible.”

Previously, Titleist’s space in the utility iron arena was presided by their T-MB model, which really was an iron set with its long irons that played more like utility irons.

Purpose built “utility irons”, the new U500 and U510 models produce more distance than a standard iron and but with less spin than a hybrid. Already in the bags of Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth and Jimmy Walker, these new utility irons were in play at the Open Championship at Royal Portrush. Bernd Wiesberger, winner of the Scottish Open, played a U500 3-iron that was instrumental on his way to his victory.

The U500 is the player’s low loft utility iron designed for superior shot making for players who would typically play Titleist’s MB, CB or its new T100 irons. The model features a compact shape that delivers high launch with soft landing and precise distance control.

The U510 provides hybrid-like performance in a forgiving, muscular iron shape. This high-launching, easier-playing utility has a larger more forgiving blade. Combined with a wide-sole design, it creates a powerful combination of distance, launch and forgiveness. So much so that Titleist engineers were able to also create a 16-degree 1-iron that is very playable from either tee or turf!


Marni Ines, Director of Iron Development, Titleist Golf Club R&D had this to say of the U510, “U510 is the launch king. The larger shape and wide sole allowed us to place the tungsten weighting so that the CG is lower and further back than any iron we’ve developed. It’s a very stable and forgiving golf club, but it’s got that extra forgiveness in terms of launch. During our consumer testing, golfers couldn’t believe the shots they were hitting with a 1-iron or 2-iron – they would just turn around and smile.”

U-Series Technology

The U-Series utilities combine thin forged SUP-10 high strength steel L-face insert technology with extreme amounts of high-density tungsten, almost 95-98 grams on average in both models that is used to produce a low, deep center of gravity for that increased launch with trajectory control. The resultant high MOI also enhances forgiveness, balance and stability through each shot.

Stock shaft options for the U-Series are in graphite as they allow for more speed and launch, enhancing the performance of the utility.

TENSEI AV Series Blue 70 – Mid launch and spin

HZRDUS Smoke Black 80 – Low/mid launch and spin

Titleist will also be opening up its entire graphite hybrid shaft matrix to the new 500 series for custom order at no upcharge, offering players a multitude of options to dial in their performance.

Loft Options:

U500 : 2-iron (17º), 3-iron (20º), 4-iron (23º)

U510 : 1-iron (16º), 2-iron (18º), 3-iron (20º), 4-iron (22º)


To find a trial event, or book a free fitting, visit https://www.titleist.com.sg/golf-clubs/events

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