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Vivant Parisian Apartment

29 May 2022

A Bohemian Story of Culture and Art

Paris, the City of Lights is a spectacle impossible to ignore, with over 296 illuminated sites in the city, 33 of which are bridges that come alive each sunset to the delight of the beholder.

On the architectural and design front, Paris is a reference for the world. From quirky layouts and charming architectural details, Parisian design is renowned for impeccable taste. This is, after all, the capital of luxury, design, and fashion.

As such, this vivant Parisian apartment is a true symbol of Parisian history and lifestyle, epitomising the charm and magic of the French capital.

With attention to detail, this abode is evocative of French classical design. Beginning with the opulence of a herringbone parquet floor to feeling the warm sunlight through the double windows, and the elegant signature trumeau.

The décor is evocative and avant-garde – the living room is as much an art gallery as the closet is of a fashion boutique along the Champs-Élysées. For the most bohemian of souls, living a life of culture and art, this apartment would be an ideal match.


From the entryway, classic French aesthetics cleverly combine with fine decorative pieces, creating an inviting atmosphere for all who enter. Upon stepping in, the Nubian ottoman welcomes the visitor alongside the sizable painting illuminated by the Waterfall technical wall light. The Gala floor lamp is elegance in gold, accenting the apartment’s entrance.

The emerald green rug leads the way down the corridor, while the classic herringbone timber flooring is an element typically French. The Waterfall II big wall lamp from Luxxu adds another level of decorative extravagance along the hallway, emphasised further by the McQueen III mirror adorning the tropical leaf-patterned wall, and complemented by the Scarp console and Armour stool that adds extra charm and utility to the hallway’s interior design.

Living Room
The living room is a suggestion of comfort, the unique design of the quilted Senzu sofa combining well with the Charla single sofas and the white grand piano.

With a feminine touch, the three McQueen round suspension foliage lights with their hand-hammered leaves grant sophistication to the luxe decor. The emerald green Empire Set I centre table, made with a bespoke marble top, follows the colour palette and ties together the furniture and lighting such as the Trump II wall, Needle wall lamp, and Empire column display.

Meals are practically sacred for the French, and as such, the kitchen is accorded its due. Modern and practical, a magnificent marble floor sets the culinary and dining ambience in preparation for the most distinguished of French gastronomy.

The Darian dining table, gem-like with its multi-faceted design is surrounded by the luxe textural and quilted Charla II dining chairs deliberately placed under a beautiful circular skylight from which descends the spectacular Explosion suspension lamp. The cabinets are pleasantly adorned with the Baruka handles from Pullcast – bold, gilded and hammered in texture. Three Liberty small pendant lamps in crystal and gold above the contrasting marble counter complete the kitchen’s decor.

Decorated in shades of patterned green in an ode to plants and nature, the home office signifies growth and renewal. A seductive and powerful ambience was the intention, fully embodying the bohemian lifestyle behind this project’s genesis.

Illuminating and brightening the dark green hue of the room and adding sophistication are lightings such as the Pharo floor, the Waterfall XL wall, and the Gamma table lamps, which always combine well together.

The clean angular lines of the Apotheosis desk clearly state a stylish and strong intent, while the Charla office chair and the Lloyd bookcase round off this ideal workplace.

A modern classic, the Equator bar cabinet and the whimsical Glance mirror, from Boca do Lobo, break the austerity of work, suggesting that there are opportune moments to relax within the confines of duty.

Dining Room
Highlighted with traditional and antique-looking pieces from baroque to rococo, and particularly from the Louis XV period, the dining room is distinctly French in flavour.
Nature’s theme flows from fabric covered walls through to the antique looking Nº11 chairs.

The distinctive Beyond dining table, dominates with its imponent presence, while the white lacquer surfaces settles it perfectly into the interior design.

An audacious client needs an audacious piece of lighting, and so the Babel II suspension, with its metallic shine, flows with grandeur from the ceiling.

The exotic bedroom exudes a feminine bohemian essence and the never-ending romantic vibe of Paris. One gets the sense that memories are perpetuated within the walls, and a pair of beautiful indoor plants adds another dimension to the bedroom’s ambience; as required by the client, they are a gentle nudge to recollection of adventures through a jungle
The Senzu Chaise Long sofa is an alluring invitation, and the McQueen hanging pendant lamps’ emotional design, adds a sense of drama to the setting. The ottoman and bed from the Charla collection together with the Waltz valet allude to royals, castles, and palaces.

As the capital of fashion, a luxurious wardrobe for all its fashionable content is de rigueur. French glamour abounds in this feminine space, with the Empire dressing table and bench always at the ready to transform the bold woman for the perfect look befitting the occasion.

The vivant lifestyle begins here and promises to be très bon.